Stoner Traditions

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  1. Oh yes! We did this too! But after a while we got kicked out of Sonic probably cause of all the complaints of smoking weed and all the old people gettin mad. So many memories there... Haha a lot of times it would be a bunch of people get in one car, then the come out, smoke rolls from the car. They move to another car and repeat. Or you see the dealer roll in and then out of no where everyone is there over at the persons window. Not obvious at all.. :rolleyes:

    Or what I was famous for... the cop rolls in and we quickly start up the car and peel the fuck out of there. It only worked cause the cop was eyeballing other people there though.
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    Yearly traditions for me and some friends that we started back in highschool, the last day of school we would all get together and go to the beach and just blaze, we would invite a few people sometimes 30-40 and we would just kick it at the beach and have a little bonfire going on. Great fun. We would also go visit the beach throight the entire summer and just toke and walk around and hang out the pier. I'm from san Diego and we go to mission beach often during the summer and they have a small amusement park called belmont park and we would just kick it there after the sun set. Good memories also when I'm on my own I came up with my own little holiday. Friday nights like two out of each month I blaze and just do whatever comes to my mind sometimes I go on an hour drive and I end up an hour away from home, sometimes I just chill and watch tv at home, sometimes I spend those Friday nights at simple places like a local Starbucks or downtown. But Yea I just do whatever comes to my mind. I call it high friday.
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    The tradition lives on

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