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  1. Fill this out for entertainment purposes :) Copy and paste version is at the bottom.

    Favorite Way to Smoke : What's your favorite way to smoke?
    Most Unusual Way : What's the most unusual thing you've smoked out of?
    Pieces Owned : How many do you own? What are your favorites?
    Times Shotgunned With Someone : Have you ever shotgunned with anyone? As in, ever blown smoke into someone else's mouth?
    Funny Cop Encounter : Do you have any funny cop stories?
    Favorite Stoned Activity : What's your favorite thing to do while stoned?
    Weirdest Munchies : What's the weirdest thing you've munched out on?
    Best/Favorite Munchies : What's the best/favorite thing you've munched out on?
    Favorite Place : What's your favorite place to smoke?
    Strangest Place : What's the strangest place you've ever smoked?
    Solo or Social : Do you ever smoke by yourself?
    Favorite Strain : What's your favorite strain?
    First Time : Describe your first time getting stoned.
    Best High : Describe your most memorable high.
    How High : How much do you smoke per day?
    Roll or Nah : Can you roll a blunt? A joint? Something fancier?
    Most Ever Smoked : What's the most you've ever smoked in one session?
    Favorite Person : Who's your favorite person to smoke with?
    Favorite Celebrity : Who's your favorite celebrity or famous stoner?

    Favorite Way to Smoke :
    Most Unusual Way :
    Pieces Owned :
    Times Shotgunned With Someone :
    Funny Cop Encounter :
    Favorite Stoned Activity :
    Weirdest Munchies :
    Best/Favorite Munchies :
    Favorite Place :
    Strangest Place :
    Solo or Social :
    Favorite Strain :
    First Time :
    Best High :
    How High :
    Roll or Nah :
    Most Ever Smoked :
    Favorite Person :
    Favorite Celebrity :
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  2. Favorite Way to Smoke : Bong
    Most Unusual Way : Apple
    Pieces Owned : 18" multi coloured beaker, 18" straight tube, 5" ash catcher
    Times Shotgunned With Someone : Never
    Funny Cop Encounter : Snuck out of house at night as a kid, was seen by somebody sneaking back in and they called the cops, assuming I was breaking in. I was laying in bed pretending to sleep when they surrounded the house with guns drawn. I had to explain the whole thing to the cops, and my parents at like 3am. I didn't stop hearing about that night for a LONG time
    Favorite Stoned Activity : Riding mountain bikes or just out in the garage working on cars
    Weirdest Munchies : Sushi
    Best/Favorite Munchies : Fresh cold fruit or crunchy crackers (anything with crunch)
    Favorite Place : (That I've been) Blue Mountain bike park
    Strangest Place : (That I've been) Abandoned insane asylum
    Solo or Social : Solo
    Favorite Strain : Sweettooth Kush
    First Time : Way too long ago
    Best High : Edibles at a marijuana march a few years ago. So many that I lost time that day, still don't remember chunks
    How High : 5' 10?
    Roll or Nah : Haven't spun one in a while, can still get it done
    Most Ever Smoked : Like an ounce between 2 of us over the course of 2-3 hours. Was a waste, but the fun things you do as a kid make for good memories.
    Favorite Person : My Mom
    Favorite Celebrity : No idea
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  3. Favorite Way to Smoke : I pretty much only Vapourise (S&B Mighty).

    Most Unusual Way
    : Nothing really unusual.

    Pieces Owned
    : The Mighty, and my last vape the Arizer Solo 2

    Times Shotgunned With Someone
    : When I was younger. Didn't count.

    Funny Cop Encounter
    : Had a *large quantity* of weed in the wagon section of my car.
    Wife in the front with me, daughter (3 at the time) was in her seat in the back. Cops pull up in an 4WD beside us at a stop light. Paranoia...average...was quite used to driving pickups home and never had any issues. Kept it cool, looked forward...then their lights turn on. I try not to completely freak out...and just turn to them to see what the deal is. The three of them were waving at me daughter, who was beaming at them waving...they'd turned the lights on for her. There was a range of emotions that day.

    Favorite Stoned Activity
    : Videogames when I can get into the mode...sometimes I'm just incompetent. I guess the favourite thing would be to do that doesn't involve the audio visual would be just being out in nature...away from many people...rainforests and bushland is nice to be in/around, and great to blaze a joint in too...of course with the kid now, we don't really smoke or anything in front of that's out.

    Weirdest Munchies
    : Always somewhat well supplied, no need to get weird.
    Best/Favorite Munchies : Tteok-bokki. Fucking spoonfulls of nutella (trying to stop). Tea.

    Favorite Place : Home. Away from the world.

    Strangest Place
    : I don't know. "Among people".

    Solo or Social
    : I largely partake with my wife, and most if not all of my other occassions has been with one person or another...few times alone, not really though. Takes you down a path a bit.

    Favorite Strain
    : Wonder Woman. Seriously, if you haven't tried it. Just try it.

    First Time
    : OFFICIAL I just got caught thread (post#5738)

    Best High
    : Actually, same as the last answer.

    How High
    : It varies. Sometimes I've have one vape. Sometimes I'll have 5, share a joint while on an edible.
    Usually? 2-3 vapes nightly once the kid is outta the way.

    Roll or Nah
    : I *can*, the wife does it better.

    Most Ever Smoked
    : Personally? Couple grams across a day?

    Favorite Person
    : I love my daughter...she can be very annoying...but she's sweet, a very considerate and thoughtful 5 yr old. Of course, I see some of myself and some of my other favourite person in it seems a fairly easy pick.

    Favorite Celebrity : I'd really like to meet either Bruce Campbell, David Attenborough, or Rick Stein.
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  4. Favorite Way to Smoke : There's nothing like a fat bong rip. But I also love my vaporizer. And flavored joints are how I spoil myself.
    Most Unusual Way : I'm gonna smoke out of a pumpkin this fall.
    Pieces Owned : Two silicone bongs, a silicone spoon pipe, two glass spoon pipes, one glass bubbler, aaand a nifty wooden dugout! I'm super fond of my silicone pieces, I have a Kali bong and a Kali pipe from Piecemaker and they're absolute champions. I also have a Pax 3 and it's incredible. My portable favorite.
    Times Shotgunned With Someone : Twice.
    Funny Cop Encounter : Innocent of cop stories.
    Favorite Stoned Activity : Eating, vibing to music, cleaning.
    Weirdest Munchies : Grilled chicken and potatoes.
    Best/Favorite Munchies : Pasta and pizza always taste out of this fucking world.
    Favorite Place : The woods, in a hammock.
    Strangest Place : In Europe under a wind turbine.
    Solo or Social : Mostly solo but I'll smoke with just about anyone.
    Favorite Strain :
    First Time : My first time was at a little acoustic coffeehouse, with a super cool chick who had two therapy rabbits and a bowl of weed. I don't remember really feeling much besides some giggles and mild euphoria that first time, but it didn't take long before ..
    Best High : .. before I started enjoying the fuck out of weed. Endless shenanigans occurred and the most memorable incident I can remember vividly would be the time I completely
    How High : I rarely smoke before work, so I'll blaze it as soon as I get home but usually I'm so exhausted that a little toke is all I can get in before I'm falling asleep. On the weekends, though .. I probably smoke about 4gs over a single weekend, maybe 5. Depends.
    Roll or Nah : Nope, I can't roll to save my life.
    Most Ever Smoked : Probably a whole quarter.
    Favorite Person : My guy with the two-person hammock.
    Favorite Celebrity : Snoooooop!
  5. Favorite Way to Smoke : bong
    Most Unusual Way : n/a
    Pieces Owned : small pyrex bong
    Times Shotgunned With Someone : 0
    Funny Cop Encounter : OFFICAL cop story thread
    Favorite Stoned Activity : music
    Weirdest Munchies : nothing weird
    Best/Favorite Munchies : pizza, nachos or chips and dip etc
    Favorite Place : home
    Strangest Place : abandoned house
    Solo or Social : both
    Favorite Strain : nl#5
    First Time : 2001
    Best High : summer 2012
    How High : high as i can get
    Roll or Nah : when required
    Most Ever Smoked : half ounce in 2 hours
    Favorite Person : my best mate
    Favorite Celebrity : dave chapelle
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