Stoner Super Powers

Discussion in 'General' started by Nexis, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. I was sitting here blazed, and i thought hey, if i could have one super power, it would be to be able to snap my fingers and summon midgets from heaven to turn on some jams everytime im blazing cause lets all be honest....its a pain in the ass.

    edit: which power would u guys have
  2. I think their preferred term is "little people from heaven"...:D

    My one super power desire has always been Invisibility. The possibilities are endless! :D :cool:
  3. I just use my special getting-high powers:

  4. i would use my. whenever your high disney world is free and so is all its food powers. that would be nice
  5. I agree with Tweech's Zone, Invisibility has always been my choice for superpower with being able to fly right behind.
  6. I would be chronic man and have to power to make the dankest of the dank appear at will

    then use my speacial getting high powers like towlie

  7. cmon man! Thats like "being able to make money out of air" unwritten rule! thats a no no! :p:p <3
  8. how bout bein able to snap my fingers n a bunch of fine ass bitches bring me plates full of bud and obey my every command

    thats god damn fine right there if ya ask me
  9. The one superpower I would want if I could have it would be the ability for my cells to absorb radiation from a yellow sun, giving me all the powers of superman!

  10. Either super green thumb in which I can grow anything easily or being able to go into peoples minds and make them do things.
  11. Okay, so if you have super powers, as everyone knows, you've got to have an Achilles Heel.... something that makes you vulnerable, somthing that takes your power away... I think mine would be that you could see me with a black light when I'm Invisible. :cool:
  12. my anti-power is schwag
  13. And schwag would do what? Take away your ablility to summon midgets/little people from heaven? That would suck...?! Then you'd have to get up and turn on the jams yourself...! :D :rolleyes: :cool:
  14. I think the super power that I would want is like levitate stuff to like come to me. I would just chill on the sofa and I could open the fridge and levitate a beer or a munchie to myself without getting up.
  15. And what would be your anti-power? :rolleyes:
  16. That's an Easy question. I would be able to snap my fingers, and ANY dank weed i want appears, a Pound each time :D
  17. I think like hard liqour would be my anti power because then I wouldn't be able to get stuff to where I am like hitting people in the head with my munchies.
  18. i would be able to subconsiusly control every animal, and they would do my bidding for me. They would also grow me fields of dank. I would have like 3 gorillas follow me around all the time incase someone tried to mess with me.
  19. my anti-power would be axe body spray, it would make the gorillas go crazy. They are very unstable creatures. But I would def. have back up animals incase some of the animals got out of hand.

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