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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Wholeshoe, May 15, 2008.

  1. Heres another thread for stoner's stories... wanted to make another one and break off... cuz... felt like it? right? i dunno. post em.

    I wish i could remember some... but i woke up from last night and i don't remember what i said...

    Usually i just get really theoretical, and talk about parrallel universes, and different steps of life, and different gears of life... and i talk to plants because it feeds them... and... where did they put all the stickers? where did all the stickers go? :devious:
  2. I was really tripping and was looking for a place to stash and i got the idea to hide my stash in a house of waffles,i mean who would ever look there,so i made 4 waffles and put my stash in it haha.then went to sleep,woke up and my shit was covered in syrup.i feel reallllllllyy DUMB
  3. Is there already a thread about stoner stories?

    Anyway mostly my friends and I just drive around after we smoke. However one time when i was alone I did a few bowls of headies and then decided to jump on the trampoline for two hours plus listening to such great heights by the postal service. Probably one of the best highs i have ever had!!
  4. I was at a friend's house with someone else and he explained to me how he stashed a small satchel in his closet and completely forgot about it for weeks. He looked for it, but it wasn't there. We can only assume his mom found it, or that he was baked and didn't actually do anything.

    Another similar story. I was kickin back at another friend's house and he told me how he left a small bag of herb in his couch which he later found after his mom rearranged the living room.
  5. I remember this one time me and my bro had a roach that we were trying to get rid of, we threw it in the toilet and thought it flushed, anywyas...:rolleyes: were just chillin playing some halo 3 when his mah comes out with something black and wet in her hands...

    "boys, wtf is this? why was there a roach in the toilet?"

    " a roach? thats disgusting, kill it!" :D

    yea she didn't really care, but i thought it was hilarious after.

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