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  1. so im high as fuck right now so i thought i'd post some past stoner stories

    first one is like this, me and 2 friends decided to smoke up in my caravan ( i live in a caravan out in my backyard) so i was waiting at home till they came over, they were at this other guys house and had to walk to mine because it was so late at night, so about 2 hours later they turn up and we get to smoking, i hadnt smoked with these 2 friends in a while and it was gonna be pretty good. i smoked like 5 cones and i was high as fuck and the other 2 only had like 2 cones each they were so stoned they couldnt move. so we spent the rest of the night watching tv and shit. the next morning we smoked again and i got so high that i fell asleep and they decided they were going to go to the shops and buy a cake and then come back and make it, so i wake up unaware that they even left and their baking a cake in my kitchen. fuck that was cool i was so hungry too

    second time, me and another friend went down to the local park area around where he lives and we were smoking in the pavillion thing and the dude who was mowing the field came up to us and goes "hey can i have some" so we let him hit the bong a few times and he was like "cheers fellas" and went back to mowing the field, we thought it was pretty lucky he didnt call the cops on us.

    third time, me and a mate decided to try DXM so i bought about 3 bottles of robotussin max strength cough syrup (cost about $19 a bottle) so i ride my bike over to his place and go down to a secluded area and start drinking the stuff. my mate throws up from drinking the first bottle and i had about 2 bottles so i was kinda feeling it. then we went to smoke and after that i was trippin so bad i felt drunk/high and everywhere we went i could barely walk, i was riding my bike and it felt so weird, then we went and sat next to the highway and watched all the cars and trucks go by it was trippy as. then we went to the soccer fields and watched all the clouds in the sky, it felt like i could touch the clouds and we had weird as convversations about how we wanted to change our real names. about 4 hours later i got enough energy to ride back home and stay up smoking more weed and watching early morning tv.
  2. I was hoping that you'd say you lived in a van down by the river:smoking:

  3. Lol...anybody remember the Satuday Night Live skit with Chris Farley about the van by the river?
  4. That skit is so damn funny that and the chippendales skit are hilarious. chris farely is the shit
  5. me and my 3 friends piled into one of their vans (nicknamed Betsy Ross because one night we were super blazed, saw an American flag and decided we loved America, and patriotism and all that) and rolled up a blunt.
    we planned on going on a blunt ride to steak and shake at 1 am. u kno. normal shit.
    so we sparked it up and it lasted about half the way there. but we hotboxed it, so we all reeked.
    who cares, right? its 1:30 in the morning. so we thought nothing of it.
    we walk into steak and shake, which is deserted. only 1 other table occupied in the whole place.

    sounds pretty nice, not having to worry about geeking and the smell. and i agree, it woulda been nice except that the other table was 4 county sheriffs.

    so we manned up, went in, geeked and aced our food.

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