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  1. Okay so about 4 years ago when i first started smoking, it was like the 2nd or 3rd time i had smoked. I was at my cousins house who was having a party with our group of friends. We all decide we want to smoke.

    Well my cousin lives on top of fucking mountain and his driveway is a steep gravel road. We walked about halfway down it to where we couldn't see the house and we started passing around probably 3 blunts.

    I remember taking my first hit and i was already feeling lifted.[​IMG] Anyway, we finish the bud and we are just chillin in his driveway and i decide that i really need a nap.. Remember, this is one of the first times i smoked and Im feeling more than great at the moment. lol Well apparently i passed out right in the middle of his driveway, they tried to get me up and take me back to the house but i wouldn't budge.

    I remember waking up around 3 hours later still fucked up. Its around 2 am by now. Well when i woke up i realized that everyone was gone but i didn't want to move because i thought something would get me. XD I thought i heard something coming down from the house and i look up to what i thought was a phone light.

    I later found out there was nothing coming.. anyway for some reason i didn't want to be seen so i jumped into the nearest bush and sat there for prolly 10 min. XD I finally get some sense to look at my phone. I realize its late af. My cousin texted me an hour earlier saying "dude get the fuck up here, my mom has to work at 5 and she's gonna run you over" XD.

    Well i start heading back up to the house and when i get up to the house i see that everyone is passed out and I'm like wtf?? I started jumping on my cousin who was like "wtf are you doing??" when he realized it was me he looked at his phone and was like "are you just now coming inside??" I smiled and said "yeah, I was tired" He laughed and told me to go to bed lol I was still fucked up and didn't want to go to bed.. so i just chill by myself and play COD til about 5 that morning and i finally decide i want to sleep..

    All in all it was a pretty good night![​IMG]

    Oh and first post[​IMG]
  2. You're cousin left you in the driveway?? Thats awful.
  3. Okay, in his defense they said that i told them that i just wanted to take a short nap and that i would be up in like 5 minutes.. lol

  4. Went to Disney for senior trip, my close cousin moved to fl few years ago so I told him few months before to bring me some special brownies, so about 3rd day into week there he arrived late night, like 10min before curfew for rooms (he drove 4 hrs so huge sigh of relief when got back) so me and 5 of my buddys all had some dank brownies for blizzard beach...was so awesome we just laughed hard af in the lazy river at all the tight ass kids in our class.
    I also got talking to a dude at the resort visting for work (smoke area talks lol) and he seemed pretty chill so I was like hey can u buy us some drink? He did. Like 8 of us we're drinking at those umbrella tables gettin tipsy ended up spilling some vodka on table as some of the chaperone teachers were walking over, 2 sat down at table with us , we were like uh hi. We think they knew we got some but didn't say anything,which is awesome cause we really are good group of kids, also were all from small town where everyone knows you or your friend. Anyway got high /drunk on senior trip in Disney world, best trip ever.
  5. My buddy did same thing but in back yard nears woods line (very rural near my old house) he was just face down in grass high af, we were goin in basement for the night at like 2am and he's still just chilling there, we kept saying coyotes were in field behind woods and that they coming, he was just like" meehhhh" high af, ended up coming in hour later l,idk just super funny
  6. Lmao thats what happens when you're super stoned! you don't want to move!

  7. Me and a few buddies were passing a pipe inside a Walmart super center. We smoked two whole bowls and got away with it..

    Until my bro d sparks a joint lol. . some old lady working there freaked out and we headed for the door lol.
    She was yelling for security haha and she's like "cops are on there way. If you have anything on you you should wait here til they come" me and my bros were like fuck that and fucked off right out the door. Ran fast and got away with it. .

    Anyways moral of the story the cops had more important issues to deal with that night than people blazing in a Walmart lol... It was Halloween night after all.. Lol
  8. sounds like whiteys haha. And cod rules!!

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