Stoner Stories! Real life stories when you were high!!

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  1. So this thred is for your favorite and best stories you have to tell.
    Ill start off with one.

    Ok so heres one that happened last week. I went on my first joint ride with one of my best friends who I first started smoking with a year back.
    It took awhile to get bud, idk how it should be really easy but we got it lol. So we get everything ready. Hes looking for me to get ripped my first time driving while high. he packs a bowl and puts it in the glovebox. He rolls 3 joints equaling about 1.5grams total and another gram blunt. So we take back roads and start smoking. Everytime i would take a hit he would hold the wheel. We finish up the weed after awhile.
    So after a little bit of driving i am doing terrible. I constantly slam on the breaks last second not realizing red lights and cars stopped, almost crashing every time. Every green light i would aproach as a stop sign slowing down and getting beeped at. I swerved so badly haha. Finally we decide we have to eat. We decide donkin doughnuts, idk why haha. We get their and I order. "hey can I get a blue HAAHAHAHA" I started laughing historically, wipe my mouth, look at her serious "hi can i get a blue berry muffin" funny thing is I use to have a class with the person i ordered from so i looked so dumb. I went to the bathroom and looked at my eyes in the mirror and they were terrible and so red. I walk out and see my friend finishing his doughnut and announce out loud and everyone herd me "Im gonna die from crack" all cause what i looked like haha.
    So we are driving again and we get hungry again. I tell my friend to look for something to eat in the car. He looks everywhere but cant find anything, then looks in the glovebox and finds the bowl!! This was awesome. I go to take my first hit and slow down and realize theirs a mom walking with her daughter. I roll the window down all the way and lean outside holding the bowl and lighter i look at them and yell "IM GONNA DIE FROM CRACK!!!" lmao we laughed about that for so long! It was a fun first time driving while high.:smoking:
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  2. I saw



    thats not allowed man...
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  3. I give weed a bad name for being a kid and having fun? No it's the stoners who smoke weed just to have high and are really serious about it who give weed a bad name.

    If I'm gonna smoke weed I'm gonna make the best out of my time while I'm high
  4. I suppose you're right, there's nothing wrong with going out and experiencing the world while high, but you really should be a little more responsible.
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  5. i feel bad for that guy. he was so close
  6. That last part made you one of "THEM" dickheads who yell shit while your walking on the side of the road. I mean really, it was a mother and her daughter, have some respect maybe do it to someone you know as a joke, but that was dickhead shit if you ask me.
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  7. Yet so far. I thought black dudes were supposed to be able to jump.. haha
  8. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
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  9. Yeah if you can't handle yourself while high then you have no business driving that's just dumb. It's little kids, or teenagers who've only smoked a hand full of times who go do dumb shit like this that give weed a bad name. I drive stoned too but I've been smoking long enough that I can handle myself. Nothing wrong with going out and having some fun trolling while high but don't be a dumbass about it. If it makes you feel any better tho around 3 years ago I walked into a small convinient store and went to pay for my milds and when I saw that it was a really good friend of mine working there I died laughing, eventually falling to the floor. Luckily no one was thereXD
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  10. Brah. I'm pretty sure OP has figured out how to be responsible in 3 years or hes dead.

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  11. Smh. Don't be irresponsible. And don't get dead. Statistics for weed related deaths are still looking pretty good in our favor.
  12. Wow...I sure hope OP has gotten a bit more respectful while high...
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  13. That's that loud pack right there.

    Smoke responsible, stay high.
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    Ok here's mine: I went on vacation to explore Humboldt county, California last week. The Redwood forest is the prettiest spot in North America. I stayed in Eureka, which IMO is a shithole. I saw a lot of poverty in that town. The good thing was, everyone walks around in public smoking joints. Even the homeless were smoking weed. I also scored some really good bud at the only dispensary they had in town. Amazing. I also visited the town of Arcata. Nice , upscale community. They have a plaza in thier downtown area with a park. All the young, college aged kids wore dreads. The dreads were waaaay unwashed and matted badly. They sit around the plaza all day and smoke weed in front of children without any concern whatsover for the public. The public has to smell and breath thier second hand smoke. If you ask them nicely to blow thier smoke away from the baby i am holding, they get pissed and tell you to fuck off. These kids choose to live this way. I don't wanna work, i'll just be homeless and sleep in this plaza park, and smoke weed all fucking day long. Now here is the reason for my post. These motherfuckers have the outright audacity to call themselves hippies.
    Fuck that. I am from that generation. Yes, we sat around in public parks (on 4/20 we still do) smoking weed all day. But we took care of ourselves and went on to start businesses and raise families. We rebelled, but we took care of ourselves. Those kids in Arcata were straight up lazy bums.
    Rant over.

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