Stoner Stereotypes, which annoy you?

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  1. I'm a closeted stoner, I feel as though I'd be hurt far more professionally (and possibly personally too) as a stoner than if I was gay or in some weird religious sect.

    Some of the stereotypes that define stoners that I try to avoid are:
    Stoners are lazy (I play hockey, coach baseball at least 5 hours every week, sometimes more than 15 during the regular season, I am a boxer, I work 45 hours a week, I volunteer on the board of a school and am the athletic director too)
    Stoners are easily confused (I'm only confused by the nature of people and illogical thinking)
    Stoners are messy/dirty/disorganized (I'm a freaking neat freak who can't sleep in an unmade bed and who files everything in specific places with the utmost attention paid to neatness)
    Stoners giggle uncontrollably and are easily amused (I love to laugh, but only at good comedy. I am amused by lots of things, but they've got to have some reason to amuse me, like the cuteness of animals or the pure joy of youth sports)
    Stoners do really stupid things with no realization of the consequences for their actions (I always think about everything I do in great detail before I actually do it)
    Stoners can't hold a job down (I've never been fired and have been with the same company for more than 4 years)

    What are some other stoner stereotypes that annoy you all?
  2. Stoners eat alot of shit food. I don't personally enjoy hamburger pizza burritos as much as a good bowl of... uh... irish stew. A bowl of Mary Jane never hurts either.
  3. All stoner stereotypes annoy me. They're stereotypes of a group you're a part of, how could they not annoy you? lol
  4. Well we all know stereotypes are true (to an extent). Else we wouldn't have them. ;)
  5. I think you covered almost everything.... *thinking*

  6. Yeah, racism is no pseudoscience! Some of them are actually like that!
  7. Above all: Stoners can't succeed. You know what? FUCK THEM. Fuck people who hate and hate and hate and put a ceiling on your success. I've always had ceilings placed above me and i've shattered each and every fucking ceiling. Can't make it to the NBA, but who said I can't coach up an NBA team? That'll be the best breakthrough ever :)

  8. Have to be honest, racism/sexism is so funny to me. Even directed at me. The ignorance is too good not to laugh at.

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