"stoner" songs...name them all

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  1. currently compiling a cd of only stoner music. need suggestions, give me the greats people. what i have thus far...

    sublime - smoke two joints
    secret machines - alone jealous & stoned
    silverchair - stoned
    bob dylan - rainy day woman
    jimi hendrix - purple haze

    i'm too high to think of others. help me out if you're able...
  2. America's Most Blunted - Madvillian
    Greenery - Quasimoto

    All I can think of now, so lazy...
  3. anyone heard that new song

    Get Stoned- By Hinder
  4. purple haze is about acid. anyways, this thread is pointless, because there are tons and tons of songs that mention something about smoking. it could go on for weeks listing them.
  5. Hits from the bong-Cypress Hill
  6. There are a lot of threads more pointless than this... if it takes weeks, it takes weeks, it's just something to talk about and the fact that there are tons and tons of songs makes even more fun because even if there are a lot of songs listed, you know that there are more out there.


    Last Dance with Mary Jane - Tom Petty
  7. Ben Harper - Burn One Down
  8. Hotel California-The Eagles ("On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair, warm smell of colas rising up through the air.")
    Maryjane-Janis Joplin
    Let's go get stoned-Sublime
  9. wanna get high- cypriss hill
    jedi- slightly stoopid
    sinsemilla - ""
    couldnt get high - ""
    fat spliffs - ""
    always high - 50 cent

    1000000000000 more
  10. 311-Who's got the herb
    311-Feels so good
    Incubus-Smokin the herb again
    Incubus-Take me to your leader
  11. Booze me up and get me high - Ween
    It's a bong not a microphone - Ween
    Panama Red - New Riders of the Purple Sage
    Lets Get High - Dr Dre

    I'll post a few more later or something, this is a good thread though, will be interesting to see how many songs we can get :smoke:
  12. Adam Sandler has a few, my favorite is Mr. Bake-O.

    I don't really care for country music, but David Allen Coe has some great basterdized stoners songs.
  13. Beat me to it!
  14. Deep Inside - Incubus
  15. MYSTIC ROOTS is a regga band that sings about nothing, but smokeing the sweet herb
    has really good intsurments and good vocals and sick ass lyrics ie: "hiten a budha bong, bout 2 feet long, don't have to hit it twice and I still feel nice." the lyrics are really thought out i bet. any ways im blazen right now and they is some good ear candy lol...im fucked up lol :smoke:
  16. this song is a no brainer

    the beatles- with a little help form my friends

    There are soo many songs but im to messed up to think of more :devious:

  17. I wrote up a list of all the stoner songs i had, And saved it awhile ago. Here it is... These are jus rap stoner songs i liked, Many many more out there.

    50 Cent - High All The Time
    Afroman - Because I Got High
    Bizarre - Gospel Weed Song
    Bone Thugs - Blaze it
    Bone Thugs - Good Times
    Bone Thugs - Smokin Buddha
    Bone Thugs - Weedman
    Bone Thugs - Bud Smoka's Only
    Bone Thugs - Lets All Get High
    Bone Thugs - Weed Song
    Bone Thugs - Fried Day
    Goon Squad - Royal Blunt
    Coolio - Kinda High Kinda Drunk
    Coolio - Im In Love With Maryjane
    Cypress Hill - Dr. Green Thumb
    Cypress Hill - Hits From The Bong
    Cypress Hill - I Wanna Get High
    Cypress Hill - Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up
    Cypress Hill - Smoke Weed
    Cypress Hill - Sticky Green Weed
    Cypress Hill - Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk
    Cypress Hill - Maryjane
    Dayton Family - Smoke Fo Free
    Devin The Dude - Doobie Ashtray
    Devin The Dude - Like A Sweet
    Devin The Dude - Sticky Green
    Devin The Dude - Reefer And Beer
    DJ Screw - Pass Me Da Green
    DJ Screw - I Smell Smoke
    Do Or Die - Smoke My Weed
    Dr. Dre - Lets Get High
    Dr. Dre - 20 Sack Pyramid
    Eazy E - Down To The Last Roach
    Frayser Boy - Hydro Weed
    Ice Cube - Smokin, Drinkin, And Fuckin
    L Burna - Smoke On
    Lil Wyte - Get High To This
    Lil Wyte - My Smokin Song
    Ludacris - Blueberry Yum Yum
    Luniz - I Got 5 On It
    Master P - Pass Me Da Green
    Master P - Smokin' Weed In My Caddilac
    Master P - Weed And Money
    Mike Jones - Blunt To My Lip
    Mr. Pookie - Smoke And Blow
    Mr. Pookie - Puff Puff Pass
    Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie
    Mystikal - I Smell Smoke
    Mystikal - Smoked Out
    Mystikal - Still Smokin'
    Norega - Married To Marijuana
    Outkast - Crumblin 'Erb
    Project Pat - Blunt To My Lip
    Project Pat - Ghetty Green
    Project Pat - Smoke And Get High
    Project Pat - Whole Lotta Weed
    Project Pat - Up There
    Purple City - Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up
    R. Kelly - Sex Weed
    Rick James - Maryjane
    Scarface - Maryjane
    Sean Paul - We'll Be Burnin'
    Snoop - Hennesy And Buddha
    Snoop - Lets Get Blown
    Snoop - It Blows My Mind
    Southpark Mexican - Maryjane
    Southpark Mexican - High So High
    Southpark Mexican - Smoke 2 Joints
    Southpark Mexican - Dope Game
    Southpark Mexican - I Must Be High
    Styles P - I Get High
    Swisha House - I Got 5 On It
    Swisha House - Pussy, Weed, Alchohol
    Tech N9ne - Get Blowed
    Tech N9ne - Hydro
    Tha Alcoholics - Mary Jane
    The Game - Puff Puff Pass
    The Game - Higher
    Three Six Mafia - Half On A Sack
    Three Six Mafia - Da Summer
    Three Six Mafia - I Gotta Stay High
    Three Six Mafia - Smoke Dat Weed
    Three Six Mafia - Cheefa Tha Reefa
    Three Six Mafia - Pass The Junt
    Three Six Mafia - Smokin On Da Dro
    Three Six Mafia - Where Is Da Bud
    Three Six Mafia - Im So High
    Three Six Mafia - Smoked Out
    Trick Daddy - Weed Song
    Trick Daddy - Bricks and Marijuana
    Twista - On The Porch Smokin Reefa
    Twizted - Hydro
    Wycleaf Jean - Something About Mary
  18. 1. ICP-dating game.
    2.memo from turner-? not sure who made it i think rolling stones,
    the combo will get you so effin stoned .
  19. First of all "The Dating Game" is actully called The Neden Game. Second of all that song has nothing to do with weed.

    If you want psychopathic weed songs

    Twiztid- Hydro
    Twiztid- Bagz
    Twiztid- So High

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