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Stoner Shed - Need Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TehRiddler, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey GC forums, Im getting an 8 x 9 shed soon for me and my mates to use for smoking in, but im stuck on what I can put in there to make it look good.

    Im getting a sofa in there for sure and some bongs/pipes though other than that im kind of stuck.

    By the way, im going to Amsterdam this month so if anyone thinks that I should get something for the shed whilst im over there let me know.

    Peace. :smoke:
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    Last edited by a moderator: May 5, 2011
    Mini Fridge!!!!

    and a microwave of course.. mabye a tv... stereo.. blankets.. table

    basicly anything that you would ever need while ur high.. so u neva have to leave:)

    oh and defintley get a heater/air conditioner depending on the weather
  3. get some black lights and some black light posters.
  4. Nice ideas! Keep em coming, need as many as possible.

    Easily got enough room for most things, just need it looking sick
  5. Toaster oven, fridge, freezer, microwave, some sort of stereo system, AC/Heater, fear and loathing poster, ashtray, hookah :) cant think of anymore, but you get the idea. pretty much anything you'd fucking want
  6. the plug in lights that show awesome color designs on the ceiling . my friends has that for his room and its so legit to watch
  7. Where are you putting it? If it is in the woods have fun finding it destroyed one day because of some 12 year olds...
  8. Tunes. And see if you can score some cool posters or menus while in the 'Dam. Or napkins, glasses, etc.
  9. EDIT: i derped
  10. im assuming hes planning on putting it in his backyard/side yard..... why would he put a bunch of nice stuff in the middle of the woods?
  11. also get a nice beanbag chair. those things are great for smoking in
  12. put a urinal in there, the last thing you want to do when you are stoned is have to go outside to piss when it is raining or a foot or two of snow in the winter where i live
  13. Put fun posters up like "Must smoke a bowl before leaving." Or "Once in the shed, prepare to smoke yourself to bed."

    That's just me hahaha but sounds like a fucking fun project!
  14. @Beentoken - Its tucked away at the back of my garden so its in a safe area, its just i dont want to smell the house out.

    @budlover13 - They are some sick ideas! never even thought of getting things like that from the dam, nice one.

    @ogillies - yeah i want some sort of lights, especially once it goes back into winter and its always much darker
  15. Pictures of you in Amsterdam would be cool. Or like a calender idk
  16. a rug that really ties the room together
  17. yea but if he lives somewhere with nice weather like where i live its fun to wander outside and take a leak when ur baked.... feels more natural.
  18. lmao guess you would need a calendar to remember what day it is if you get really really high
  19. How 'bout an Amsterdam Hookah? A little table in the middle, used recliners around it, good tunes, and 8 hoses!
  20. hot bitches


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