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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mexicanmustache, May 17, 2004.

  1. u know that awkward feeling when ur baked off ur ass and u dont know what to say to ur friends sitting next to you. Well, heres a list of things to say; crumpet, oonca boonca, i'm hard (lol), weres the girls, i want
    if u have some funny words or sayings add them to the list...peace out my fellow stoners
  2. soooo stoned...i always seem to say this
  3. yea boogers works try it out
  4. Saying something like "Damn, that was a good blunt" or "Shit Im so stoned" always gets the conversation started.
  5. "got anything to eat?"
  6. "insane in the membrane, insane got no brain!" yell at the top of your lungs
  7. Right when my friends and I finish the blunt someone always says, "That was some good ass weed"....then I bust out laughing every time...good times, good times!
  8. if you just make up funny words in your head like shwingading or booingywooingy youll laugh your ass off it's aloota fun try it out.
  9. ima try the one with making somthing out in my head
  10. lol... :D

    naw, you gotta go to art galleries or to sum fukced up piece of art in the middle of the city and just stare at it and think "what the fuck is this and why is it here?" (sorta like what is the art supposed to be or mean) . you can get some trippy shit happening.
  11. Me and my friend always say "meet my mule, Huyuk" i dunno just a tradition it was on a tv show or something.
  12. I'm Skint!
  13. PIGEON! SQUIRREL! ARMIDILLO! and any other animals that have funny names.
  14. Duckbilled Platypuss

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  15. So wheres the bong ,rotflmao.:D
  16. shclong wut the?
  17. i say random words sometimes... like wooden bridge... or stick... or 24... or goat...
  18. vegetation

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