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Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Well, hopefully by the end of this summer my mom will be converting the garage into a new bedroom, and ill be taking it. :D

    Right now my room is very small, I dont even know the dimensions. Put it this way. Its a room made for one person to smoke. PC, TV, Bed, thats it. No room for anyone to sleep on the floor or anything. Anyways, im not getting the whole garage (wish i was :() but atleast im getting somehting. Since my mom needs to box off some of the garage for storage, ill be getting 12 feet by 12 feet of space. Mite not sound so big, but you would be suprised.

    Anyway, now that ill be getting a bigger room, away from my parents room, I would like to trick it out to make it a very comfortable place for me and my freinds to just relax and smoke.

    What main things do all need for the ultimate smoking room?

    Please, dont tell me any thing that is related with pot. My parents dont know I smoke, so I cant realy have anything along those lines.

    Things im currently gonna be getting is just a few Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin posters.

    What are other must haves?
  2. some bean bag chairs
    a strobe light
    a big stereo
    a fan
    a van de graff generator
  3. ^^^

    A Van De Graff generator eh? Strange, but that'd be fun to have on hand I guess. Haha.

    Definately the most important thing is comfort. Nice comfy chairs are good, or a nice comfy couch, just a place to kick back and relax.

    Posters are a good touch.

    Music is a must. Definately have a nice little stereo.

    TV is good. A nice DVD/VHS collection is also a plus.

    Stock up on FaBreeze, keep that room smelling fresh.

    Uhhmmm. I'm drawing a blank here. Maybe I'll chime in later after this thread has had a bit more posts.
  4. Thanks for the ideas guys.

    Currently got my TV with an Xbox (I have DVD add-on). I nice sellection of Movies. Also got a decent surround system hooked to the Xbox. Its the Logitech 640's. Got my PC. Mite get a Mini Fridge sometime this summer. Saw a kickass one at for like $120. My mom will prolly buy me a nice size couch. If not, my brother has these two one seaters in his room. Maybe he will give them up so I can have them.

    Anyways, keep the ideas coming guys.

    I also mite get a little lizard or something. Why not have a little smoking buddy in the room to chill with. :D

  5. Van de graff generator:

    I don't really see why you would want one. I guess it could be fun to smoke the room up real good and then turn it on and watch all the smoke become positively charged. But apart from that, it would make the room stink like burning ozone.
  6. Couch or even better lazyboy recliners are a must
    you will also need tv, decent sound sytem, cofee tables, ashtras, posters, bongs, weed tray, Tuns of seating(sitting on the floor sucks), blacklights, minnifridge, and maybe even a microwave.

    edit: luke the flip-n-fucks are awseome, i love those things.

  7. mini-fridge!!!!! YES YES YES!!! listen to luke!!

    what's a van de graff?? strobe lights are those bright thingies that flicker on and off real fast right? those things are awesome!

    lava lamp.. i dunno.. beanbags chairs.. just get your height in cds and you're set for life
  8. Woo! :D My mom currently has this mini fridge thing for our deck, but she said I can have it in my room when its done. This isnt no small mini fridge, this is one of those medium size fridges that hold a shit load of cans and stuff.

    Gonna stock that baby up with sodas, red bulls, and all the goodies i can get. :D
  9. get sum comfortable stuff to sit on..... like a couch, haha i always wanted a couch in my room, not that many people r ever in it, i jus enjoy couches, i even sleep on one instead of my bed....

    actually i sleep on the floor next to my couch haha, but i used to sleep on the couch.
  10. Im getting a futon. :)

    So, things that will deff be in:

    My bed.
    TV w/ Xbox and Surround.
    Coffe Table.
    Fridge (Most likly).
    Awesome posters.

    Mmm, cant wait till it gets started to be bult.
  11. Heres my setup:

    40" blacklight
    Custom build PC with many fun LEDs and a 12" cold cathode neon and 18" LCD (ALL BLACK :) )
    A bong
    A Vapir blueberry corded vaporizer
    Confortable chair from bed bath & beyond lol
    Awsome business chair that reclines
    Queen size bed
    Xbox and a conversion thingi so i can play Xbox using my computer monitor
    Miniature fridge that I used to have in my dorm room
    A weird bottle dancer that is in the shape of a Bud bottle

    I really want to get an authentic Turkish Hukah (waterpipe) to add to my collection

    Oh yeah and a desk and school books and that typ of crap ;)


  12. wow thats weird dude, thats EXACTLY wat is happenning to me, for a minute i thought id got too stoned to remember and posted this thread myself :p
  13. This is really more of a personal preference, but I've always been partial to the forest green, light tan combo.
  15. heres wot im gettin for my room

    couple of sofas n a few bean bags(already got the back seat of a chrysler voyager,thats comfy)
    glass coffee table
    a corner unit in the corners (duuuh)
    a couple of lava lamps
    a few shelves with black light s n neons on em where my bong n hookah's goin.
    gettin some big stencils of bob marley n stuff n spray paintiin em on.
    pioneer amp,mourdant short floorstanders,pioneer cd player.(maybe a keyboard or mixin deck when i can afford it)
    shit loads of ash trays,32 air fresheners,disco ball with lasers there sik when the rooms hotboxed propa,a big cotton sheet thingy thats goin round my bed to split it from the rest of my room,thats prety much it mate.

    oh shit,that list looks a bit to big to fit in my room lmao.
  16. i have a futon in my room under my bed atm (home made queen loft) and its probably the best idea ive ever had .... so much use and comfort ... futons ftw.

    im currently setting up my backroom (detached from the house) to become my new room

    its eventually gonna have

    - tv w/ dvd + foxtel ( which is like our pay tv in australia has like 50+ channels ranging from mtv - showtime - espn all that good stuff. )
    - fridge
    - kitchen table and chairs
    - microwave
    - fridge
    - sandwich toaster
    - nice rug
    - 2 single seater fold out futons
    - coffee table
    - my logitech 2.1 speakers (hook up to ipod & macbook pro)
    - my 3 seater futon will go in there
    - my bed will go in there
    - and eventually some sort of cupboards for stashin shit ...

    its a pretty big room so im lucky to work with such a good space but essentially these are the kinda things i reckon are necessary, u can add all the other personal stuff like strobes, smoke machines, lasers etc etc but theyre just for fun
  17. Heres my setup:
    Xbox 360, i only have gta4 and cod4, but there good games that i can play forever.
    42' inch samsung hdtv.
    Apton Xl from mdg, i have like half a terrabyte of games,music, and movies.
    5 couches, one pull out ( i sleep on the pullout).
    My bong collection.
    Light Dimmer.
    Walk out garage, (for sessions of course).
  18. 2 fridges made me laugh :)

    I can't stress that enough. If you don't want your parents finding your shit, find a safe place where they won't find it. Easy enough. Don't forget to be creative though.

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