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Stoner Restruants?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Coma Stoned, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. Whats your Restruant? Has all the best Munchies and The best Vibe..... I like my Coffee Shop i have found downtown and Hardees.... I love the new Thickburgers... You can just eat and eat witht he munchies but the thick burger Changes all that.... But you still cant touch McDOnalds Fries..... But dont forget the chinese Buffet..... I wanna make a stoner restruant with all the good Chill Music and the right temp and all the best foods and NO DRUG TESTING FOR EMPLOYEES!!!
  2. has to be taco bell! I mean come on, with 2 for 99 cent tacos + my employee meal = LOTS OF TACOS! :D
  3. id say a dine in restuarant.... we used to go there (doesnt have to be a fancy one, dennys is good) and just sit for like 4+ hours... and just like talk.... (if you go to dennys, be sure they arent playing music, unless you like hip country type music)...

    i think about 3 years ago we were at dennys from 4:00 in the afternoon, until about 10:00 at night, and ordered maybe 2 or 3 dishes (sampler platter type things) one of the best times of my life... just sittin, in the smoking section of dennys... noone else around and an extraction fan to get smoke out (the dennys here has a seperate back room for smoking, cause theres alot of cigar smokers around here so they had to install a fan to get it out of the room)... great times.... its like being stoned with a waitor:D.... thats exactly what it was:).. and im pretty sure the woman who was serving out table knew damn well what was goin on, but was ok with it.. a fine establishment...
  4. dine in restaraunts are great. One day this summer Stacy and I got stoned. We then drove to the mall to Romano's Macaroni Grill for this chocolate ravioli they have for dessert. That stuff is amazing.
  5. I like Skyline Chili. Mmm, mmm, good!
  6. Ya You have to have the Waffle House.... For those 3am stoned and Bored times and The Taco bell You just gotta have You can get like Whole meals for like 2 Bucks....
  7. I'd have to say CiCi's Pizza is the best place to go. For all of you who have never heard of it, it's an all you can eat pizza joint. It's stoners paradise, that is if you want to kill your high and eat all that you can. (The only downfall to munchies)
  8. I like Taco Bell, because it honestly is the cheapest.

  9. The Stinkin' Rose! I love garlic! I'm a garlicaholic! I could never be a vampire. I couldn't live without my garlic. And the Stinkin' Rose has the best garlicky food!
  10. the best stoner restaurant has to be all you can eat chinese buffets. this one i got to is only 4.99 for lunch and me and my friends will eat about $20 worth of food each.
  11. My best place to go is any Chinese Buffet place. Come on, who can doubt the General Tso's chicken? But overall, O would have to say the best place for stoners would be McDonalds. Thank God for the dollar menu. I go there sometimes and make a meal for me and my roommate all off of the dollar menu.
  12. Hmmmm, I have heard of a place called the 420 Cafe(or something to that effect). I'm pretty sure it's in NYC. I have never been there but c'mon, that place has got to be the shit. For me it's this Italian eatery/restaurant Mariella's back where my rents live.
  13. Dude, McDonalds Hands down. The dollar menu may just be the greatest marketing ploy ive ever seen. I get ripped. go to mcdonalds get the double cheeseburger, small ff, nuggets, mcchicken, a soda, and some icecream all for like 6.50 =)
  14. this may not be true everywhere, but around here McDonalds food is twice the price and half the size.... jack in the box any day...
  15. oh so many to choose from...wong's dim sum, no name sushi bar, the indian oven and soupwerks are somne of my favorites to go to high
  16. my friends mom owns a chinese restaruant that has the best mongolian bbq and its low lit and has some of that old chinese music and its so good mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  17. ..taco bell
    ..jack in teh box is always good cause they got a variety

    i looove restaurants where u eat in ..its sooo fun just to sit n talk n eat n laugh

    cept the employes always try n fuck with u

    but its all good i bet some of them smoke too
  18. best place: Taco Cabana

    2 chicken soft tacos
    7 flour tortillas
    1 side order of queso

    Total: Bliss
  19. one word... PERKINS! Also McDonalds fries are the shit, especially with Sweet n' Sour
  20. i cant believe no one said Wendy's yet. I mean they have by far the best $.99 menue ever. and they are open till late

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