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Stoner reputation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Canadian Bud, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Since smoking pot for the first time this summer, I have earned the reputation of being a drug addict. The people who i toked with the first time seem to have told everyone in my school, and my friends keep bringing it up to the people who don't already know which causes awkward conversations. I admit, I do enjoy the herb on the weekends but I do keep my priorities straight with honors in school. Now everyone is against me for some reason thinking I'm going to do harder drugs or ruin my life which I in no way have the desire to do. I absolutely hate the reputation of stoner and every time drugs come into the conversation there is an awkward silence. I know it's hard to reverse reputations, and I'm not going to stop smoking pot, but what do I do?
  2. Tell them why you smoke tree and enlighten them on the effects of it. Thats all you can really do just take all of it with a grain of salt
  3. Stop hanging around 16 year olds then...
  4. Just deny it casually to the people who don't know you well. Otherwise ignore it. By the time you get to college everyone you know will smoke, stoner or not......everyone does down here and I'm in conservative Oklahoma. And hardly even a person will frown upon it.
  5. i say fuck em dude. let ppl be inmature. just walk around with a smile on your face.
  6. You can start by not giving a fuck which is a highly effective solution. Although there are other options that i may be unnaware of.
  7. Better to be hated for being different than to be liked for being the same.

    Smoke on, my friend.

  8. start hanging out with other stoners than talking about drugs wont be awkward or move to a school like mine where if you dont smoke weed than your the one thas weird because 90% of the kids in my school smoke weed :yay:
  9. haters gonna hate?

    walk into school,
    middle finger blazing.

    if youre in honors, and you've got good grades,
    tell them to suck it.

    and yes, not giving a fuck is highly effective. also, exceeding more than you are now would also be awesome, as to prove them even more wrong.
  10. People are stupid at my school though they think it's the same as meth
  11. worddd.
  12. Sounds like typical high school gossip bullshit. Glad I don't have to deal with that anymore.
  13. get them high
  14. Offer to let them try it.. should fix their mixed up views here.
  15. [​IMG]
    You should listen to the kitty...
  16. Say the following loudly.

    Smoke weed errday, don give a fuck!!
  17. If someone says something about you smoking all you got say is "No man, that ain't me."
  18. You should totally go to class baked hahaha

    obviously they already think your a massive stoner, then you might as well live it up while you still can !! hahaha

  19. They sound like the typical "OMG YOUR SUCH A DRUGGIE UR GONNA DIE" snobs when in reality they are hypocritical bastards who will moan at people for smoking cannabis yet they probably drink alcohol and don't even realise alcohol is not only a drug but a drug far more harmful than cannabis.
    I've been in that situation and the best advice I can give you is:

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