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Stoner record book.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Visions, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Huh, has there been a thread where people post when they start and finish a session? You know, like say I started 7 and ended at 7:30. Something like that. And I was thinking. This would be an awesome way to find out how often I smoke.
  2. 7:00; started bowl.

    7:01; finished bowl.

    It would be like a stoned fuckin' Twitter in this joint, shit would drive me mad real quick.:cool:
  3. I agree. Not at all to be mean or anything, but I really don't care when you smoke lol. It would be a cool idea to do privately though and that way you know how much you smoked on what day. It would be great if you were trying to ration your weed, you'd know when you have to stop and shit.
  4. start: 4:20pm Monday
    finish: 4:20am Monday.
  5. ^ what he said
  6. I keep an excel spreadsheet of all my pickups.

    Wouldn't be hard to do with smoking.
  7. ^the crown attorney will appreciate your record keeping skills

  8. Haha it's in an encrypted container file.

    And I forgot the password ;)

  9. Better be some decent encryption ;)
  10. I dot the days i've had sessions on my calender, just to keep track and make sure I'm not smoking too much. It works.
  11. started bowl: last week

    finished bowl: TBD
  12. You down with OCD? Yea you know me!
  13. who down with ocd? every last homie
  14. thats way too much work for me. *walks into kitchen*

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