Stoner Racoon

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dc199, May 28, 2010.

  1. I was out driving with my friend one night, when my other friend called me. So we head over to his house to blaze and chill. So when we get there hes walking out of his building and we scoop him up and go park. So after a bowl, he says "dude lets go to my favorite spot." We drive to the back of the parking lot by the dumpsters and the woods. So i'm hittin the bowl and out of the corner i see a racoon just starin me down. By that time, we all see it and proceed to have a staring contest with it. After about 5 minuts it runs off. About 15 minutes later, still smoking, we see it again. And every time we hit the bowl it comes closer. I get out of the car to try and pass the bowl to it but it ran off.

    The next night, we do the same thing. Drive down to my friends house, pick him up and go smoke. We're in my normal parking spot when my friends says "dude i know that fucking racoon is there, we have to go check it out" So im really high and decided it was a great idea. So i whip it down the parking lot to the dumpsters. Sure enough as soon as i pull in, its there. Start smoking and it comes closer. Then we dipped. The end.

  2. :confused:
  3. i was not going to pass up smoking with a racoon.
  4. Haha this reminds me of this one alley cat that we would see all the time when we blazed in a certain alley. He'd get near but not too close. I wonder what happened to that cat...

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