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Stoner Questions...Red Eyes?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by solarsinsemilla, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. Are there any natrual remedys for getting your eyes un red. I know all about visine but sometimes its not always available. So what are some other ways to relieve the redness/glossyness.

    2. Why exactly do eyes get red, i've heard smoke irritation. But my eyes first got realy red then after months of only smokeing nugs they were fine just glossy not red, then i stoped for a while and my eyes are getting pretty red its funny looking. One reason i dont think its smoke irritation because most girls i smoke with never get red eyes.

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  2. It is because the THC makes your viens expand, so the viens in your eyes expand making them visible. I dont know anything other than eye drops. I have really bad allergies so when people ask I fake sneeze and blame my allergies. LOL at the eminem imposter
  3. you might be allergic to whatever the substances are in whatever you smoke ... if u dont treat your allergies it may stay like that for a good while even if u avoid the allergens ... i dont know there might be something else causing this, you should check out sites like or just type in red eyes in wikipedia, i had a similar problem and i found out im allergic to a long list of tree-related thingies so i smoke spliffs very occassionally now
  4. "For dry, red eyes, Clear Eyes is AWESOME"
  5. If it weren't for Visine I would look stoned constantly. I usually carry one in my pocket, another in my backback, and another in my car. As far as I know, there is no natural remedy. Always be prepared.
  6. Drink water. Just splash water on your eyes. Water is the cure all to all stoner's problems.

  7. That's because girls don't inhale :p

    It's definitely not smoke irritation because how often do you let the smoke get in your eyes?... I don't, and my eyes are red :smoke:
  8. MY eyes wont get red in the morning after I toke 3 bong rips, but after I smoke when I get out of school my eye will be bloody. It still confuses the hell outa me how my eyes will be red sometimes, then wont get red another time.
  9. My eyes don't usually get red and if they do it isn't very noticable. No clue why haha
  10. wel ive only been smokin very day for a few months now. and my eyes till get red, but my friends whove been smokin for a long ass time never get red eyes, idk tho maybe ur body gets used to it or somthin

  11. amen.
  12. [​IMG]
    Rohtoo V Cool :) (green, always.)
  13. rhoto v's are the answer to your red eye question. they are the best in clearing up your eyes. instead of sticking with the greens tho id go with the blue drops(ice) followed by the greens(cool)
  14. red eyes = weed dehydrating your body.
  15. Hell yeah they are pro eyedrops I used to steel them from my sister all the time when I was livin at home. They sting at first but then it feels good as shit...kinda expensive though when you can get a 1 dollar kind n it works.
  16. sometimes mine are fine, but other times they are red as shit. just one of life's mysteries i guess.
  17. Rohto = 100x better than visine. Stuff fucking rules. Unfortunately I'm too cheap to buy it, so if I'm lucky I'll get some from friends or what not.
  18. OK, I disagree with every person saying this rhoto v or whatever is WAY better then visine.
    I use visine, and it works GREAT! It gives me a clear, cool, nice feel in my eyes - and even looks like I can see better. My eyes go ALL white in no time at all.
    I love visine, and will continue buying and using it, and encourage people not to fall into this "rhoto v is 100 times better then visine" bullshit

  19. I suppose I should have said it was 100x better for ME. Visine, in all honesty, won't last as long as Rohto does for me. If I put a couple drops of Rohto in each eye, my eyes are generally clear all day. Regardless of how much I smoke.

    And for the record, I'm not trying to knock visine at all. Just a personal preference.
  20. i used to use visene all the time, but i tried rhoto v. and they are the shit. the ice ones make your eyes super cool, and the cool ones feel like an orgasm in your eye...maybe not that intense, but you get the picture. also, i feel as if my eyes are alot more hydrated with rhoto than with visene.

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