Stoner Picnic

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nicholl, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Today I had what was probably the dankest of my summer.

    One of the parks near my house has an old grill in it, so being the stoner :hippie:that I am, I thought it would be sweet to get baked and grill burgers. I had around a 15 bag left, and my friend had 25 dollars. We got the essential supplies, and then went to the park.

    We met my dealer and two of his friends, along with their ounce.:D It ended up being awesome, we smoked a couple bowls while we made firecrackers and burgers, and then smoked a fat blunt with them.:smoking: I ate 2 firecrackers, aloung with the blunt and numerous bowls, and ended up chilling with nature, good friends. Sometime in the middle of it, I randomly mentiond a Stoner Picnic, and the name stuck.

    So does, anyone else have some "Stoner Picnic" stories?

  2. awesome man, grilling and toking with your friends at parks are the shit :smoke:
  3. Wasn't really a picnic but me and my freind ended up having a fish fry after getting baked. It was weird because it was the best grouper ive had lol:p
  4. Thats what we do around here....thats about all there is to do. I usually grill out at the park at least once a week. Theres a gas station with a kick ass deli about a block from my park so we always go there and buy steaks, pork chops, shish ka bobs, theyve got pretty much anything you could ever want to grill. Made some of the best ribs Ive ever had in my life out there earlier this summer. Chilled out for about 8 hours before they were done, but they were worth it.

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