Stoner pets.

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  1. This is your chance to show your pet. I know alot of people have pets here and I would really like to see the kinds of pets/names of pets other stoners have(prolly dogs and cats but hey thats cool ) Here r mine's. HAHA MINE'S.
    Gotta love the pets. Here is my Peanutt, and Wendy JOE>

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  2. I dont have a picture of my FAVORITE STONER PET... because its not mine.

    My girlfriend lives with her dad... but we still go over to her mom's house all the time. Well, her mom has a dog named Duke. I cant think of what breed he is, besides stoner!

    It started out a while ago when her mom was out of town, a couple of friends came over and smoked out. We decided to get the dog high. Now, everytime i go over there... the dog jumps all over me and follows me around. And whenever we get a chance to smoke herb there, the dog is always RIGHT next to me. lol

    Thats a stoner pet if ive ever seen one
  3. How did you get the dog high blowing in its ear or in its face? JOE>
  4. I have 2 cats, and my sister who is currently living with us (usually is on h er own) has her crappy dog here. I hate him.

    anyways, these are my 2 cats.

    Nicko is my cat named after my favorite drummer, Nicko McBrain.

    the other cat is chelleo (or something). he is kind of a bitch most of the time. not very nice.

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  5. Haha, i'm my girlfriends stoner pet.
  6. i like th ecat with hisor her head poking out of the little house.. :D JOE>
  7. I used to only blow it in the ear... cuz thats what i was told got them high. i never tried blowin it in the nose until like last summer. We do BOTH just to make sure the dog is as high as possible.
  8. This is one of my cats....she is old so the weed helps out her arthritis!

  9. My friends cat had kittens and the first one looks identical to your cat ^ :D So adorible
  10. I have cats and dogs, but I really want a turtle :eek:
  11. here are a few pics of my crazy cat tilly. ive never seen another cat love water as much as she does...we also have 2 cocker spaniels, sumner (who is 17 and can't see, hear, or smell anymore) and regis.

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  12. Got it from my dads friend, we decided to get it just because we heard they make good pets, Its really likes my mom ( im 18 still at home) it will follow her every where.
  13. awwww All your dogs and cats rule! I love pets!

    Here's a picture of Squash chillin' and the little collage I put together that's in my gallery.


  14. o man my cat loves to get high i gotta get a pic of him up here
  15. Haha DBW, your dog looks sooo stoned in that first picture :D
  16. Hey is that a boxer or what DBW? I love it whatever it is, looks so pretty. I love the skunk 2, balls man you got balls what if it sprays you or can you get them de stinkied. HAHA I don't think that is a word but yeah. JOE>
  17. Joe, we're pretty sure she's a pit bull mix. We got her from the local pit rescue. She probably isn't as tall as your adorable boxers, but she's all muscle. People always ask if she's either pit, boxer or american bulldog. She is such a sweet sweet but hyper gal.
  18. She can't spray lol :p, when you get the stink glands re moved they cant spray any more. Dosen't smell at all like a skunk either.

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