Stoner Pet?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Rakim, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for a new pet that I could have in a cage or a tank in my bedroom. Something cool to look at and maybe talk to when I'm blazed. I thought about a squirrel but that's out of the picture so any other ideas would be great. No dogs or cats, I already have a dog :)
  2. I have a hamster, he's the shit

    They're really cool especially after the get comfortable with you
  3. Sugar glider!! They are cute and they bond with your so you can take him anywhere
  4. Iguana deff bro! U can toke and have it holding on ur shoulder when it gets used to u! It would be like a parrot lol
  5. How about a frog or a small lizard/gecko? There's so many species of both out there that I'm sure you'd be able to find an awesome one that suits your fancy.
  6. My buddie had this fucking stoner cat. Someone left an 1/8 on the table and the cat ate all of it and every time we smoke he comes and chills
  7. cats r the devils work bc they jump so high dogs are the fucking shit
  8. my dog used to take spats with me, does that count as a stoner pet?
  9. yea thats great
  10. Bearded Dragon is a stoner pet! ( in my eyes at least)
    i wanted a cool pet just to chill wif n keep me company when i was bored.
    they love having attention, easy to handle, very sociable, and have a pretty good life span. (10years average) just feeding him fascinates me, watching him chase round those helpess crickets :L.
  11. Pigs!
    I'm being serious. They're highly intelligent and make great, affectionate pets :)
  12. A sugar glider would be cool. They are caged and can travel with you. They would also satisfy your squirrelly urge.
  13. Best advice I can give is get something that is warm blooded. Reptiles are cool and all, but high maintenance. Warm blooded less maintenance.
  14. Fuck has nobody said are the shit to look at when your high. I have a 20 gallon freshwater tank, with a semi aggressive community. They are so awesome, when I sit down they all swim over to me and stare...probably because I feed them and they eat that shit up...but still it's pretty sweet to have a bunch of fish follow your every move, haha.
  15. Not related to this, but I want a pet monkey
  16. I got a tank of red bellied piranhas... shouldn't have to explain why watching them feed while high is entertaining. Shit.. watching them eat while sober is entertaining. Just toss in a dead/injured frog or koi or something... they'll tear it down so there's not a shred of flesh that's left on the bones.
  17. Well my fish don't tear the flesh off other fish, haha...but they look pretty. :cool:
  18. Get rats!

    They're actually surprisingly intelligent, docile, cheap and low maintenance. But for their sake, the fewest you can ever have at once is two.
  19. I would go with a ferret or a dog.

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