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Stoner Party!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HunterLives420, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. okay, so i'm having a party this Saturday and its my first time throwing a party where weed will be more involved then anything. and every person i'm inviting is a pretty big stoner. so what i'm asking is .. do you have any advice on how to make this amazinggg stoner party?? :) what to do and what to buy. i do not have a spending limit . :D

    give me great ideas and advice :D :D
  2. clean and put out your bongs
    buy a lot of different blunt wraps or rolling paper flavors
    get a hookah (I like the nicotine buzz when im high and it is very social)
    make alot of cool edibles
    at the end of the night have everyone put their bud into one huge blunt and finish the night with that
    oh and good munchie foods and alot of em
    est cost: a shit load
  3. -Buy tons of weed
    -Have papers, pipes, bongs, etc ready to be smoked if you have any.
    -Make an amazing, chill music playlist and play it on some amazing speakers.
    -Have TONS of food/munchies ie: Chips, tons and tons of pizza, drinks, candy, cake, etc
    -Have lots of places for people to sit. The worst thing when you're high is being uncomfortable.
    -Completely clear out one of your closets and turn it into a sweet hot box room.
    -Have eye drops, body spray, deodorant, mints, etc prepared for people to use.

    That's all I can think of for now. Have fun bro.
  4. 1) roll an once joint or blunt itll get the party started real quick :D
    2) buy more weed than u think you will need
    3) get joint/blunt/bongs/GAS MASKS/hookahs
    4) CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN, ICE CREAM CAKE, TACOBELL, ferrari cake...(south park reference)

    4) hot girls maybe strippers, maybe guys if thats the kind of party your having :rolleyes:
    5) get a firebreather a juggler and a monkey and some gymnasts and an elephant and maybe a pettingzoo
    7) lots of beer and alchol
    8) ping pong table and foosball table
    9) a big ass fire maybe a fire pit
    10) last but not least the dankest bud u can find

    EDIT: 5 may be unrealistic but you said you have not spending limit and it would be cool as hell
  5. 2 ounces of dank- 500 dollars
    hookah- 100 dollars
    papers- 10 dollars
    getting stoned with stoners at a stoner party...priceless

    there are some things money cant buy for everything else ther's...wait a minuete i didnt get an invite! :(
  6. Bite-size brownie appetizers, made with canna butter & topped with canna frosting, maybe make some tincture or green dragon to get things going. Water-pipes and blunts, or large joints, for smoking.

    No overhead lights if you can help it... they are harsh on the eyes. Waist-high table lamps are best, and candles are nice but only when placed in safe locations.

    Not sure what your crowd is into, but get some of your favorite movies or shows together, weed related or otherwise, maybe some music, but nothing that you need to pay too much attention to.. you just want back ground noise to make people comfortable enough to talk, and something there as a topic starter now and then if the conversation winds down when people get a little too stoned.

    Now... this is something we used to do when we were much younger.

    We would buy a cheap 2 person tent, duct tape the ventilation at the top to seal it tight, climb inside sitting cross-legged, 4 people at a time in rounds, and run a glycerine-alcohol tincture through a cheap fog machine, the kind made to be used with propylene glycol. If you don't thin it out just right and triple strain your mix with cheese cloth, it'll muck up the machine, but these days they're less than $20 so even if you were to break it, as a one-time use sort of thing, it makes a great party-size vaporizer.
    Another option is to -carefully- use an oil burner with your glycerine/alcohol tincture in the diffuser on top... this is more safely done on a shelf in a closet, than a tent. If all else fails, bring in 2-4 smoking utensils and just start packing and passing the pipes.

    For the end of the party, I like to in advance make small gift bags of varying degrees of good-ness, that people select randomly out of a large black trash bag as they leave. Tie a long string to one end of each bag with a lighter as a 'handle' dangling out of the trash bag, and tell them to pick a lighter and pull.

    Some bags will only have a few joints, others will have a cheap-o pipe and bowl pack or two, maybe a brownie, or some cookies, some will have some bubble hash.. and some will have all of the above. It's important to be sure they're sober enough to get home, because you don't want them leaving a party like this, only to be pulled over with their 'goodies'.

    All in all, just enjoy your night, be safe and sane, and make sure no one has any more fun than they can handle... you want to have a good, memorable time, so do what you can to make sure it's not memorable for the wrong reasons. Good luck! :)
  7. well make sure anyone attending brings bud, or else this will just be a bunch of guys and gals using you for a free high
  8. Some people don't mind being generous, and may not even be interested in the quality/grade of bud others have to offer :)
  9. yeah your right, im not one to talk, i like to provide a high to people who cant really afford it or who just doesnt have any at the time

  10. hahaha lmao dude your not 18 what are you doing here?
  11. Even if he is, he's allowed to be here now...
  12. obviously weed and munchies are musts...

    but you should def get a game of apples to apples or twister going. that shit is off the hook.
  13. safe place....

    then have at it yo
  14. Set up different areas for different moods people will be in, a movie/tv room, game room, hot box room, etc. My personal favorite is to get a few friends there early in the day to help set up and once we get all set up we go hiking on some local trails. This makes for a great time with friends and the fresh air and exercise helps keep you from melting into the couch 30 min into the party.
  15. download these songs and play them.
    1. Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill (3:50)
    2. Portishead - Glory Box (5:05)
    3. Portishead - Wandering Star (4:54)
    4. 02 - One Love (4:48)
    5. 311 - Whisky And Wine (2:59)
    6. Bobbie Gentry - Son Of A Preacher Man (2:04)
    7. B.B. King - BB King - Blues Man (5:20)
    8. <Unknown> - 16 Summertime (4:45)
    9. <Unknown> - 09 Bewitched Bothered Bewildered (5:26)
    10. Bob Marley - Easy Skanking (2:55)
    11. Bob Marley - Don't Rock My Boat (4:32)
    12. Dave Matthews Band - Where Are You Going? (3:52)
    13. Chicane - No Ordinary Morning (5:10)
    14. The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (4:03)
    15. Aqualung - Strange & Beautiful (I'll Put (3:51)
    16. Dave Matthews Band - Satellite (4:51)
    17. Family Guy - Dear Booze (4:43)
    18. Imogen Heap - Hallelujah (3:14)
    19. The Cure - The Cure - Pictures Of You (7:28)
    20. Bone Thugs and Harmony - Don't worry (5:35)
    21. Gorillaz - Demon Days (4:28)
    22. Cibo Matto - Moonchild (5:13)
    23. The Police - Walking On The Moon (5:02)
    24. Serjaye - Mahal Kita (Rulers Of The Deep Heartbeat Mix) (8:26)
    25. Juno Reactor - Angels And Men (7:07)
    26. Deadmau5 - Careless (6:58)
    27. The Books - Tokyo (3:43)
    28. VNV Nation - Holding On (4:42)
    29. bonethugz - Weed song (4:09)
  16. Stoner parties are boring, get 2 cases of beer, and play mad beer pong while ripping bongs. And get some girls too.

  17. YEAH BRO!


    Anyways, my suggestion is this: call it a 'G' party and ask that everyone brings a G. That's how stoner parties around here work, and it always means plenty of bud to go around :).

    But yeah lots of people have already summed it up well. Be sure you have weed, pieces to smoke out of, music, and lots of n0mz.

    Be sure to tell us how it ends up going!
  18. You obviously never played beer pong before then... but that's straight if you wanna act like a sarcastic douche.

  19. Unfortunately, I have played beer pong (multiple times). It's never been fun, either.

    Here's my point in sarcastically quoting you: the guy has already decided it's going to be a party focusing on the ganj. Not alcohol. Marijuana. He CLEARLY states that in his first sentence. So why the FUCK would you throw out such a shitty, frat boyish suggestion of "getttin 2 kases of be3r and playin sum BEER PONG!!!!" ? Why would you suggest that? It's just ignorant and proves that you didn't even fucking READ what he wrote/asked/wanted us to help him with.
  20. #20 colemaann, Oct 16, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2010
    I did read, THE WHOLE FUCKING THREAD, and FROM MY EXPERIENCE, sitting around with what? like 20 guys, smoking ganja SOUNDS LIKE A FUN IDEA, but when it's actually executed, it's not fun. Sorry for suggesting something that MIGHT make the OP's night alittle better. But no, I forgot you speak for the OP. I'll take my "frat boyish suggestions" somewhere else, since I forgot only frat boys play beer pong. And honestly, I suggested something, you don't need to be a completely fucking asshole, if anything the OP could say he didn't want to drink, but you know what he wants. right?

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