Stoner Panties? (philosophy)

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Are you a panty sniffer?

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  1. Ok so this is gunna sound really weird and Im sure some of the females on here will be disgusted but I GOTTA ASK! To the past & present panty sniffers....
    Ive been selling my worn panties for almost 4 years now. When I first started it was all "normal" orders (yes, normal is in the eye of the beholder in this case lol).
    Now earlier this year I was posting a pic of a new pair I had for sale and I had failed to notice a blunt in the corner of the photo. Since that day I've been getting many requests for my "420 panties" but most dont want a regular tobacco smoker. Which I am not. Strictly bud only. Now I have a lot of questions about this but I usually dont like to make my clients feel uncomfortable, and I dont like to get too friendly (Im a known Domme lol, we cant be too nice) and them think we're friends.

    1. Can you smell the weed? (yes ive tried to smell myself but i think its a "everybody like their own brand" type thing lmao)

    2. How does it deffer from an "un 420'd" pair or a cig smokers pair? (again, I cant tell PLus I smoke bud everyday so every day is technically a 420 pair)

    3. Why do you think its requested? Like whats the psychology behind it? Is it just for the pics that come with them, or could It be that many wish they can smoke themselves, if they dont already.

    4. I've been wanting to include pics with my plants I have growing now but Im in an Illegal state. I do include that state on the envelope when I mail it (I have a PO Box). Do you think It'd be unwise to do this? Or should I just Change the state a put a fake one?

    Thanks and im deff looking forward to any insight anyone can give me !!
  2. lol the guys are lonely I guess but definitely don't send them anything with your address on it you might end up with a crazy stalker or something and its a gamble to send pic of a grow room with you in it, but its not like you selling drugs
  3. I read a article once about this lol. Wouldn't be that hard to take a clean pair and throw em in a bag of weed a day before sending. Idk general idea anyways. Smell like fresh Cannabis panties. Use a po box, best bet, never home address. To many weirdos.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  4. lol no I have a po box I usually get gifts sent to. But its FAR from my real address. Im not THAT stupid
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  5. after 4 years of taking special requests,,,,too many weirdos indeed lmaoooooo
    I have a po box since day 1
  6. For some reason my boxer briefs have just not been selling...

    But seriously, it is probably the same psychology that makes these guys want to purchase your used undies in the first place, the fact that you are a girl that smokes weed could be an even bigger turn on to guys who smoke and are into the panty sniffing thing, even if there isn't necessarily a large difference, definitely a big psychological thing
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  7. Lmfaooooooooo

    I guess that makes sense!
    but most of my buyers are 'wearers' from what they (voluntarily) tell me. So i was more interested in that aspect lol
    very few are actually 'sniffers' but then again who know what they do with them behind closed doors
  8. Learn something new every day, I figured the appeal for all these guys was smelling them. Not something I would be into but hey, to each his own, I am sure I am into quite a few things others would find really fucking weird haha.

    But yeah for the guys wearing it not totally sure, I think again it just lends to the psychological nature of it, if the guy things stoner chicks are really hot, he will probably pay more for a stoner girls underwear then a girl who doesn't smoke. Who knows, interesting question though
  9. You def win the weirdest post of the day OP :p

    I'm baffled trying to understand panty sniffers. Only thing I ever try to do with a pair of girls panties is get em off and toss them on the floor :D

    And since I'm here...I just gotta ask...OP what's the weirdest shit some guy has ever requested? :smoking:
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    Man lol!!
    Ive had some weird ones that like 'shark week panties' - which Ill let you use your imagination on what that might be..
    My hands down weirdest order I think would be to send them a pair UNWORN. I sell my pairs starting at $40 a pop plus ...I still till this day cant wrap my head around why someone would want a pair of Victoria secret panties for $40 UNworn when they can get 5/$25 at the store or online. lol

    Weirdest experience is a guy who recieved his order and proceeded to email me stevie wonder lyrics daily. lol
    ps I diggs James Dean harder then concrete lmao :metal: Rebel without a Cause is on the Top 10 list of films for me.
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  11. How much do you charge:ey:
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  13. 40 a pair damnnn you can get 4 week worn panties online for 5 + postage
  14. If she's wearing 4 week old panties she's lying to you lmfaooooooo
    There's guys who pose as girls to get numerous $5 and prey on the weak lol that's not how I roll


  15. It varies they charge 5 upwards and damn thats gnarly if I wanted to smell a dick I'd sniff my own:lmafoe:
  16. No I'm saying they'll accept your $5 and you'll never received a package cause they jipped you lmao
    Ps I've always hated how some guys will complain about high panty prices. I mean You're literally a guy looking for a woman to wear panties JUST FOR YOU and make them how you like it. To ask for discounts and shit like that makes the chick feel retarded and the guy look retarded cheap AND lonely lol

  17. Plus custom pics for your spank bank lmao I mean come on

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  18. Lmao...tales of the panty sniffers....just when I thought I was weird :p

    I love James Dean too...he's my kinda dude - introverted artist, rebel...handsome mf :D

    Anyway...I could pepper you with so many questions. I guess I'll start with....what the do you put on job applications or when ppl ask you what you do for work? Is your main hustle, hustling panties? :bongin:
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  19. Me to this whole thread :jump::ey:
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  20. Lmaoooooo atm Im a stay at home mom/wife/freelance artist!
    My background ranges from Professional Dominatrix to Ophthamology lol so I have plenty to put on a resume if i WANTED to work. lol
    The Domme/panty hustle is my extra weed/xmas money lol I had one slave pay for my entire Grow setup. I mean the entire fucking thing. Filled up my amazon wish list and he bought every single item! For absolutely nothing in return.
    Blew my mind lol
    When ppl ask me what I do... I tell them lol
    If I dont hide it from my own family why should I censor it for you? Im aware its all taboo to some but those same ones are ok with strip clubs porn and prostitutes lol
    fuck outta my face
    (not you lol )
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