Stoner Painting Series

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  1. on 5 x 6 canvas

    "parahilia buds"

    "chibi blazers"


    whatever no real name

    pm if interested, im broke

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  2. nice little faces hahah those are awesome
  3. thanks bud i got a whole sketchbook full of them, i even made angry can characters haha
  4. Is that acrylic? Its either bright for an acrylic (in which case props to you) or thin for oils (in which case Im surprised). How old are they at the time of the pic?
  5. really nicely done man good work, i would be proud to hang one on my wall :)
  6. sick work man, dig it!
  7. \ti like the red one reminds me of a stoned koolaid man
    \t=P all are prety neat
  8. Cute! And very well done. My favorite is the joint! :)
  9. For whatever reason I didn't expect these to be as cool as they are. I would happily hang one on the wall as well but I'm also a broke artist.
  10. Thanks everyone really, means a lot, i'm a lil late to havent checked this website in a while.

    They actually got sold! i got them for 65$ all together, and the girl who bought them wants me to make "evolution forms" of these guys!  double barrel joint anyone?
    It's may favorite too!
    haha yeah i kind of made him red on purpose
    yes its acrylic  and what do you mean how old? they were probably a day after it all dried.
  11. nice little faces hahah those are awesome
  12. Exactly why I asked how old they are ^.^ I thought that they had been taken a picture of within a month of being painted. To me they looked like an acrylic, but they were so bright. The reason I asked how old they are is because acrylics tend to get dull with age, so when I believed I saw acrylic paint, yet very bright, I would have  been very confused if the pictures had not beem takem within a small amount of time than when the paintings were painted. Again, good job on them : )
  13. These are so dope dude. I bet if you did a fuller series you could definitely sell these to a head shop or a green friendly business that needs some art on the walls. 

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