Stoner or Pothead?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokeRises, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Which would you rather be called (and why)?
    I'd go with stoner, i don't really like to call it "pot"
  2. I'd rather call it pot.

    I grew up calling it pot and I will always call it pot.

    To me, it's mostly the ghetto thug type people that
    call it weed.
  3. cannabis connoisseur
  4. Way back in time the term "Viper" was sometimes used.

    A viper who uses a vaporizer is a vaperer.
  5. You don't call people who drink wine with dinner alcoholics, in fact you don't call them anything special. Why does there need to be a term for people that smoke marijuana occasionally?

    To me, "stoner" or "pothead" have negative connotations of overindulgence and a lack of moderation, so I try and separate myself from those terms.

  6. I agree but i was trying to get a sense of which term people preferred
  7. marijuana menace is what they call me
  8. idk anyone who calls it pot except for parents and people who dont smoke...where im from everyone calls it weed

    but ya i prefer stoner
  9. I'm always refered to as a stoner

    Fuck that.. I'm a herb enthusiast
  10. my friend who doesnt smoke (hes cool) calls me "weedhead", but its just to piss me off or w/e (in reality i dont care though)

    but ya stoner
  11. Honestly, it doesn't matter to me either way.
  12. Stoner'

    Pothead sounds to much like crackhead.
  13. I consider myself like a wine connoisseur but with my preference being marijuana. Therefore, I prefer to be called a marijuana or cannabis enthusiast.

    Someday I expect to be traveling to weed country with my cannabis-enthusiast wife to take in wonderful reggae shows and enjoy the finest green the NW has to offer. I will be opening jars and talking about the "boldness" of the smell and how the smoke has subtle piney taste with walnut undertones.
  14. I like to be viewed as a person first but if you're gonna comment on my mj use,I prefer Stoner.Pothead just pisses me off
  15. No you certainly cannot take a bite outta my pj sandwich, you pot head.
  16. I prefer junkie.
  17. [ame=]YouTube - Kottonmouth Kings- Proud to be a Stoner[/ame]

  18. This :cool:

    or just stoner lol. Pothead sounds so derogatory.
  19. Stonerhead sounds like a good compromise.
  20. I've been called both. They mean the same thing right? So why would it matter.

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