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Stoner or Pothead?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CitySmoker420, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. i like to consider myself a stoner... definitely not a seasoned toker... but somebody with quite a bit of knowledge... but when i have not had my weed in a while... and im fiending i constantly talk and think bout it... and ive been called a pot head... what the difference between a pothead and a stoner??
  2. i consider myself a pothead:smoking: im not to sure what the difference is tho?
  3. i prefer stoner. pot head makes me think of crack/smack head, like im addicted to pot or something, which im not
  4. same... i get offended when called a pothead
  5. Same...
    Pothead is a much more derogatory term in my book.
    It's basically calling you someone that gets high all the time, and only cares about getting high in life...
    Some people do deserve to be called this though.

    A stoner is someone who loves to get high, and gets high often.

    These are just my definitions, but I think they're correct.

    I could give a shit what people think about me... I know exactly where my life is going, so I don't care what they call me, though I do believe Pothead is more offensive.

    I really am probably more of a pothead, minus weed being all I care about though... I do daydream about bongs and sweet pieces, but I consider that more of a hobby...

    Meh, I'm not seeming to get the point through...
    Stoner and Pothead are basically the same in definition, though "Pothead" seems to put people down a lot more than "stoner".
  6. yeah i more of a weed head
  7. lol @ getting offended. We do drugs, we ask for the downlook of the community who does not partake in illegal substances.

    Who cares, I get called either or both by people that know me, and we even joke about it sometimes. Now if someone says it in a derogatory term, and I'm already in a bad mood, I'll pop em in the mouth.
  8. i like stoner. i mess with my friends saying "Fucking stoner" never replace that with pothead. i find it offensive. but some people dont care. Words only have meaning that you give them.
  9. "Cannabis Enthusiast"

    I prefer stoner. PH has negative connotations.
  10. I prefer stoner.
  11. hmm thats weird. if i had to choose i would pick pothead just because the term stoner and "stoned" makes it sound like you're plastered and unable to function. Everytime i blaze i say im high rather than stoned because i like to believe that weed brings out creativity, not make me "stoned" like im weighed down by stones and i cant move
  12. You're smoking the wrong stuff then :D

    There's really no difference between the terms. Both mean you smoke pot so it's no big deal.
  13. im a fucking pot head i sit around all day thinking about weed wanting weed smoking weed sniffing weed rolling joints then breaking em up to get the weed out im a fiend but thats cause i have nothing other to do and pot is there for me really i don't go anywhere even before i started smoking my town and life is boring so i became a pot head but now saying this i can stop smoking so i guess im not a pot head in dictionary terms or whatever but i like to consider myself one :hello:

    pothead its fine with me
  14. Stoner, for sure.​
  15. Both man. They are equally wonderful and represent our connection to marijuana
  16. Please let it be known. Being stoned, and being High are two different things.
    Being High- Smoking marijuana.
    Being Stoned- Smoking marijuana in combination with tobacco. Regular tobacco users rarely get stoned, because they don't recieve the same effect a regular non tobacco smoker does.
    Mixing tobacco and marijuana will get you stoned (If you don't usually smoke tobacco). Smoking Marijuana will get you high. I hope I helped to clear up some of the confusion on this subject.

    Oh, and to generally answer the first question, I prefer referring to marijuana smokers as Cannabis users. It sounds much less demeaning. If I was a girl, I wouldn't call myself a slut, now would I?

  17. I completely agree. We need to change the words used within the cannabis culture in order to change the public's perception of Marijuana.

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