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  1. ok i was told i was a stoner and i also was told i was a pothead. ok well i smoke everyday and i have a glass pipe i smoke out of and i have to refill it twice a day this is only by myself. i smoke cause i have really bad back problems and smoking weed helps make that pain go away. and i have adhd and add and it comes me down and i can concentrate. well when my hubby gets home i smoke with him to we do a hole bowl so really i smoke 2 1/2 times a day. so what would i be considered a pothead or a stoner? i don't wear marijuana themed clothes cause i live in a town that don't like people smoking weed so i don't wear themed clothes.
  2. Ask them if they have a drink with dinner ever. If they do, call them a drunk and a alcoholic
  3. that's a good idea so putting a name to something or someone is bad right
  4. two labels for the same thing.
  5. [quote name='"highgrl1985"']that's a good idea so putting a name to something or someone is bad right[/quote]

    Yes, just because you're a casual smoker doesn't mean it's enough of your life to be part of your identity. Same with being a casual drinker.

    Id say it's especially true since you seem to use weed for pain rather than recreation.
  6. i didn't know if they were different lables or not i thought they were the same thing just if you smoke eveyday like more then 5 bowls a day i thought you was a pothead see i don't know
  7. who cares what your label is, you do you and whatever makes u happy. THe momment you start acting a diff way for other people you lost yourself
  8. Why the f do you care? And smoking with more people doesn't divide the amount of times you smoked. 'I smoked with 5 people so I only smoked a 5th of a time.'

    AND how could a married adult talk like this? If you didn't talk about your husband I'd think you were 12 or something.
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  9. Stop being told.

  10. damn man why so angry?
  11. I just think this question is ridiculous. Am I really the only one?
  12. i was always told theres no such thing as a dumb question.
  13. who cares, if someone is going to call u a name in a negative way then they obviously are ignorant and their argument is flawed. my mom calls me a pothead while she eats enough methadone a day to kill a horse. yeah my drug is horrible huh..

  14. You were told wrong.

  15. according to u

  16. [ame=]Chinese or Japanese? - YouTube[/ame]
  17. Stalemate stoner.. Im here strictly for the mental
  18. I don't consider myself a stoner more open than that, I'm more of a Cannabis Enthuiast.
  19. [quote name='"shaddytheman"']I don't consider myself a stoner more open than that, I'm more of a Cannabis Enthuiast.[/quote]

    I just consider myself.. Myself. Inhaling weed smoke doesn't change your identity. Is every human an oxygen head? Lol.

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