Stoner on a diet

Discussion in 'General' started by Zeppelin15, May 29, 2009.

  1. So I've been working out lately to lose weight. It's been great actually, lost over 15 pounds in about 3 months. I'd like to lose more but its tough when I'm ripped and start to eat everything in my house. I've found a few healthier snacks that don't make me feel as guilty the next day. Craisins and Kix. Craisins especially because they have a lot of taste. Anyway they're both great and I don't feel like such a slob when I stuff a handful in my face.
  2. Stop smoking for a bit? idk what to say to that, i completly lose my appetite when i go sober for days.
  3. Haha I went from 104 to 118 lbs when I first started smoking. Now I'm somewhere in between, but trying to a little lose weight too.

    I stopped munching while high by making sure I eat a filling, high-fiber meal before I smoke, and to mentally convince myself that eating will make my high go away faster, just like drinking.

    It kind of works, haha.

    G'luck. :)
  4. ^^ya i abstained from the herb for two weeks and lost 5 pounds just because of loss of appetite
  5. whats the question?
  6. I'm not looking to quit smoking. I'm just letting anyone who's interested know about those delicious snacks
  7. gotcha :smoking:

    will try that sometime
  8. Haha yeah craisins are pretty delicious.

    I liked those cans of mixed nuts, too, but it's easy to down the entire thing high. xD
  9. cherry flavored crasins are the ONLY way to go!
  10. Kix = the shit.
    im thinkin im gonna not smoke all of june and focus on my health, work out and eat right. we'll see how that goes.
  11. Eat fruit
    and sniff yayo
  12. i can vouch for craisins. And this is from a raisin hater.

    However, fresh fruit is the best. A good apple is unbeatable. Clementine oranges rock too.. easy to peel! great taste too. Strawberries, ohh man, they are so intensely flavorful while high.

    meh, list goes on, dunno why i am explaining this, i think we all know what fruit is and how it tastes. lol.
  13. Keep describing them, I almost finished and then you stopped :(

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