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  1. so me and my friends were talking about the stoner olympics and we got some quite good ideas, were even gonna try it when we next have alot of smoke and fair few people to do it with :D
    so lets get this started and see what events we can come up with :)
    so in the bong category we came up with these:
    1. biggest snap comp
    2. highest gauntlet going from a .4 snap to .5 snap and so on, last man standing is winner
    3. biggest bong gauntlet going from a 12inch tube to a 24 to a 3 footer and so on, if you dont clear it in 1 breath your out
    now for the joint category
    1. fastest joint/blunt rolled
    2. cleanest joiint/blunt rolled
    3. most chained tokes taken from a joint/blunt
    4. most creative joint/blunt
    and the trim catagory
    1. best bud picking, rated on stems and seeds removed and consistency of the bud sizes
    2. can you eyeball an oz
    and the group category
    1. the nicest joint rolled with the right hand of person 1 and the left hand of person 2
    these were all that we could think of, it would be awesome to see what ideas the fellow blades can come up with and even to find out if people are also gonna try this when they have a decent sized group and a decent bag o that good shit :) peace!

  2. This sounds like a green out waiting to happen. I like itOmega369 :wave:
  3. ahaha we were thinking it it would be over the course of like a week or so :p
  4. A week? One night lol. Sent from my VS840 4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. No dab category Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. I like this idea of a stoner olympics!
    why not a stoned eating competition? first to eat 3 iced donuts and drink a cup of chocolate milk, or something along those lines. Pizza eating contest.
    Create a list of things that have to be completed in a set amount of time and in a certain order, like:
    1. take 2 bong hits
    2. eat 2 donuts
    3. drink 500mL of flavoured milk
    4. roll a fat joint and smoke it
    5. then either take a dab or have another bong hit
     all under 10minutes (food can be eaten in any order and whenever aslong as you take the 2 hits first)
  7. Yeah man that seems like a really cool idea and a lot more coat effective:p and the reason for no dabs is because I'm from the uk and over here hash is shit and the only dabs I've seen was what we made once never seen someone sell em ): Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  8. Sounds like a bomb Sunday

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