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stoner Olympics.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by inestor93, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. who thinks there should be the stoner Olympics...with challenges like who can roll a joint and blunt faster...biggest bong rip and who can clear it...who feels me?...what other things should they have at the stoner Olympics:hello::smoke:? hella baked right now as i watch the Olympics...jus a taught.!
  2. Thread exists

  3. send me link...was lookin for it couldnt find it:(.
  4. That would be tight.
  5. I'm so down to compete. That would be so straight.
  6. I could only imagine the amount of inactivity that would be asssociated with this olympics.

    lol instead of gold and silver there's heads and mids

    :D I'm game
  7. 6 foot bong pole vault :p :bongin:
  8. Remember the movie Beerfest, how it ended? I'm still waiting for that movie.

    But that would be something like the qualifying rounds for the Olympics.

    Speed smoking, fastest joint roller, who can clear the longest steamroller. I'm picturing some Jamaican guy clearing a twenty footer.

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