Stoner Olympics

Discussion in 'General' started by SourBlunt, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. So imagine that there are the stoner olympics. The events iclude, blunt rolling, biggest and smoothest bong hit, smoke tricks, who can smoke the most in terms of weight etc...

    Which event are you competing in?

    I would have to say I would go for the event of smoking the most. so far I've never reached a point where I had to say no to a blunt or a bowl because I had already smoked to much.
  2. The gravitybong marathon. I can hit the gb all night.
  3. i remember this thread a few weeks back. use the search function people.
  4. Biggest, smoothest bong rip.

    I hit that shit like a beast yo.
  5. Sorry I tried searching the topic but could not find anything. If the mods want to delete the post they can.

  6. man I haven't even hit gravity bong yet.
  7. [quote name='"SourBlunt"']

    man I haven't even hit gravity bong yet.[/quote]

    You are missing out :D
  8. a stoned bagel bite eating contest and iron chef with weed as the required ingredient
  9. Growers contest
    Biggest hit
    Rolling comps
    Rolling time trials (who can roll the most in the given time)
    Bud identification (using senses to find which popular strain you're smoking)
    and then maybe some high physical activities to see who can function the best.
    That'd be cool

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