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Stoner: Oh Shit Moments!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BloodLust, Jul 9, 2011.

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    I'm walking out of the house for a lake party for 5 days and my smoking kit is slightly unzipped. As I bend down to pick up my bags my lighter and visine fall out onto the ground in front of everyone. My immediate thought is oh shit as I stand exposed to my grandparents.

    My grandfather instantly says "looks like this is gonna be a graceful trip"

    And my grandmother walks away with anger not saying a word.

    Meanwhile I am huffing and puffing to get in my car..... Shit that was close.

    Moral of my story... Keep your smoke kits closed.

    Anyone else have stories to share?
  2. Just finished smoking in woods, which was sort of in someone's backyard. My friend is like "shh be quiet" Meanwhile im high as fuck and am anything but quiet, snapping tree limbs and making a ruckus in my altered state. So then right before we made it to the clearing my ankle got caught in the fork of two tree limbs, and i toppled over sounding like king kong comin down. Then i couldnt get up and my friend was just laughin his ass off, me too haha, but when we saw those porch lights come on we were like oh shit!
  3. My mom rolled up on me buying weed
  4. Me and my friend were really baked at like 1am and we were just sitting around when I though popped into my head. I yelled KITCHEN RAID and we went and raped my cupboard and as we walk back to my room I see my mom in the living room waching tv as we walk into my room with 3 boxes of cereal 5 boxes of Nurigrain bars and a box of frozen waffles. She was like "Wtf is this, Are you guys high?" We dashed off to my room without saying a word and stayed up the whole night paranoid. This moment was never spoken of again. I should bring it up in a smoke sesh with my mom :p
  5. My friend and I just smoked a lot of bud and we came up to a foreclosed house with a window open so we go in there and light up then we hear the front door open we run super fast out the window well as fast as you can go while high we try going over a fence we hear people and look behind there on the porch one of them saw us and yelled but we just kept running one of the scariest things thats ever happened to me while high!

  6. I'd be terrified to say the least!


    You shouldn't smoke in abandoned/empty houses. I've known soo many people who have gotten busted at empty houses/house parties (at empty houses).

    Just giving a little warning lol.

    Glad you got out okay though! :smoke:
  7. Waking up to the sound of the front door closing and his mum coming in at a mate's house when he wasn't aloud any mates round, was 100% forbidden to smoke weed/cigs and there was a fucking huge joint burn in the carpet and the place reeked of weed.

    I mean was else could we say?

    "Oh shit."
  8. One time me and my friend were vaping in my car, and the vape has a glass bowl type thing at the end of the hose where it attaches to the vape itself.. anyways we were pretty blazed and my friend rolls down the window to clear the bowl and the hose out, and he starts to roll the window back up before the hose is back in the car and the bowl got caught and completely shattered it.

    Both of us: "Oh Shit!"

  9. lol this is the truth

    I had a gun pointed at my head last summer and almost got arrested because I got caught wandering around an abandoned office building(it was so awesome minus the fact I got caught)
  10. Me and my friend had just finished toking in his backyard and we go inside, i put my rollerblades on to leave but then i have to pee so i go in his bathroom which is really close to the front door. As i get in, his mom comes in so im like oh shit... Then as she goes passed the bathroom into the kitchen, i roll to the front door and leave. My friend closes the door and his mom has no idea i was there :p Stealthy shit
  11. These are fucking funny!:O keep em' coming!
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    One time me and my cousin was outside smoking and was high as hell. I saw like a skunk that triggered the flood lights on. Then I said "dude look it's a fuckin skunk!" And he flips out and throws a stick at it for some dumb reason. The damn skunk darts at us so fast, so we got up and start running like hell! My cousin was acting too goofy, so I split up with him because I didn't wanna get sprayed, so I went and jumped into a car and stayed there for like 2 hours and ran back to his house. When I walked in he was already there, so we just paused for a second, then laughing our fucking asses off...

    Edit: There was a lot of Oh shits said, forgot to mention that. xP
  13. Well this thread kinda died
  14. Two days ago I got pretty damn high and felt like spray painting so I went to the construction area and got some Orange paint. (There were houses next to it where the homes where finished, and families lived.) I proceeded to make my art all over the house. And when I was doing the outside of the house some bitch in her car saw everything, I saw her on the phone so I jumped the wall and got the fuck out of there to my safezone (my neighborhood) and watched from a safe spot as two black and whites enter that neighborhood ten minutes later. I got so lucky I noticed the bitch noticing me. In vegas you get a FAT fine.
  15. I saw a fallen tree outside and i thought it was a walrus. I shit bricks haha mad scary
  16. Oh man i got tons. One of the best was when i was working at ups with my bestfriend we would blaze on the way to work everyday. Well one day we ended up hitting the gravity bong before work and got too blazed. We started loading the truck and were talking about how high we were (haha) and my boss walks through the truck and i spot him right away but my friend does not. Right when my boss is like a foot away my friend says "im so higghhhhhh" in like the most tired drawn out way. I tired to hold in my laughter but it was unbearable. Everytime that my boss looked at me that day i would have to look away or i would be cracking up.
  17. I was at a house party, alright? And I had just finished smoking a bong bowl with some friends and was walking inside drinking a mountain dew and vodka. I noticed the big sound system was not being used so I plugged up my iPhone and played Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. I was dancing and at the exact moment the drop hit someone screamed COPS!!! (mind you I had an ounce on me) With all the strobes and the drop it was the most terrifyingly epic thing ever. I grabbed my phone and threw my drink at the wall and followed my friend out the back door. As we were crossing the back yard at a sprint, a spotlight got shot on us. I flipped. We ran as fast as possible out of the yard and over a creek and ran into the forest behind a house a few yards over. As we were sitting there, dogs started barking and there were radios buzzing around us. We were all laying in the dead leaves. We heard footsteps approaching and we all were so sure we were goners. But the cop shined the flashlight just above us( thank god we were laying down) and kept walking. After he walked off we called someone at the house and they said the cop had left to go get a warrant or something to search the cars and the house. Me and my friends ran like lightning to my car (which was parked far enough down the street that the cops didn't run the tags). And as we were leaving the gated community four cops were just driving down the road toward the community and did not realize we had just left. Scariest thing ever
  18. Another. I was going to a deal at this sketchy ass apartment complex because my usual dealer was dry, and when I got there ( I was with my bro and a few friends), the dealer called and said "leave, I have no weed, sorry." we were all like wtf? As we were leaving we drove up on a big group of bloods talking. My friend in the back told my brother to stop because he knew one (he was driving). I said HELL NO. He did anyways, of course. And they all started freaking until the one my friend new came up and said we were cool, but then he left us stranded with all of them that didn't know us. Another one came up and told us to park and he would get us some kush, once again I said FUCK NO. he did anyways, and the guy said come in and get it. Of course none o us were getting out. My brother tried to give them the money, but some prostitute ran up and grabbed it. All of a sudden, some fucker ran up and said "YOU WANT SOME WEED??? YOU WANT SOME MITHERFUKIN WEED?" and continued to punch my brother in the face. We all fucking freaked and drove off as quick as possible. My brother learned a lesson that night. Don't buy at thug apartment complexes, don't ask gangsters for weed, and number one, he should've know this, that gangsters like that only smoke reg son he shouldve known he was lying in the first place
  19. This one time i said... Oh shit! ... Mine was... I was driving home with my buddy chase and mina, mina was behind me and chase was to the right of me.. Mina started speeding up to catch up to chase and didnt even realise he had a cop behind him, he hit his breaks and the cop almost hit him. I didn't realize that mina was behind me and i saw the lights go off and i was like OH SHIT! I was litterally 200yards away from my community and i was about to speed up just to get through the gates and have em close on the cop.. Ended up pulling my friend over and i was good.
  20. Haha I remember one time i smoked like two bowls full of dank and u was fucked and me and my friend took my little sister to the playground to play with her friends and also I like to be outside and high at the same time lol. So anyways 4 hours later it was like 8 and night falls so me and my friend are still pretty baked and were gonna buy some more weed and right when we were leaving I started to pat my pockets feeling like I forgot something and my friend told me. "dude you fucking sister is still at the park" so we ran like 5 blocks to get my sister haha lol and we got some more weed

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