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stoner objects, like lava lamps?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sunn, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. hey guys so i know that every time i'm high at night in my room, with just the light of my fish tank, is really great. but the other day me and a friend got really baked at his house at night and we stared at his lava lamp for like 20 minutes. he also had this crazy multicolored light that looked so amazing. the fish tank is cool but this stuff was crazy.

    now i want something like that in my room but i don't know what to get. lava lamps are cool but everyone has one. i don't know what else would be cool like this. i have this traingle shaped lamp with of water that bubbles and changes colors, and i know that it's amazing, but it's really loud and i can't run it at night. i need something like this, i just can't think of what would be good?
  2. Bump! I've been thinkin the same thing a million times.. i need stoner objects in my room!
  3. I have dry erase board paint on my walls and use dry erase markers to write
  4. Black light posters. I think thats what theyre called. Turn on a black light and the posters colors look amazing. Also bean bags chairs are cool.
  5. Pet lizards, a nice kitty, loud subwoofer, reggae, shagpole carpet, bonsai trees, mini water fountain, glow sticks, neon lights.....etc
    Use your imagination
  6. Look just put blacklight on top of the wall lighting downwards and an all black canvas with neon blacklight paint like in the pics

    Attached Files:

  7. Buddha lamp with the lightning that moves when you touch the bulb.
  8. disco ball? fushigi? lol
  9. Go to Spencer's Gifts if you have one at your nearest mall. At the back of mine it's full of weird lava lamp type stuff.

  11. shit, shoulda thought of that one lol. those things are awesome.

  12. Yeah fuck man, got one like 2 weeks back, coolest things.
    No warming up with lava lamps, plus it's interactive.

    Fucking awesome, I love it :)

  13. Where you get them from? How much do they cost? yea that's true. I always put both my hands on them and feel like Electro or something :cool:

  14. Man, I don't even remember where I got mine from.
    It was $30 though.

  15. oh pretty good price then
  16. I have a couch and speakers hahaha I find thats what I use most when high.
  17. Lava lamps are fine and it dont matter none if everyone has one or not. Also those plasma ball things that have the electricity or whatever go wherever you touch on the ball are cool. those little rotating colored (like not just white light) strobe light things also, get a fog machine and a strobe light actually that's always a good combo.
  18. I have some glow in the dark pot leafs on my walls, and a some black light bob marley posters.
  19. Dude, Be like me.

    Blacklight overlooking blacklight posters.

    Shits gonna blow yo mind.

  20. I had one, I bought it at a store called Spencers, You may be familiar with it.

    I bought mine in a mall. Its a nice investment, theyre cool as fuck.

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