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Stoner Networking and Buying in a New City

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AquaVoltage, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone,
    So I'm looking for the best way to go about buying cannabis in a new city. I'm originally from Colorado, but I moved to Casselberry, FL to go to school at Full Sail. Problem is, in CO I honestly never had problem finding medication, but down here, I swear to God it's the dryest state in the Union. I'm not the most experienced smoker, as I've only been smoking for about 8 months, and could really use some tips on how to go about looking for a good way to meet people who smoke and could sell me some cannabis...prefferably tips on how to aviod getting scammed or caught or whatever. I don't want to go around looking like an idiot trying to score some weed off people (that'll only get me schwag).

  2. go to a bar or someplace you think some stoners would kick it. light up a cig and look for someone that looks like they smoke and simply ask : 420 friendly?

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  3. whenever you meet anyone check theyre eyes.

    if after 10 min you have a good vibe and he does too or she , just ask "why are your eyes so red lol"

    some of my best stoner buddys i meet at the weirdest places

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