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Stoner Nazis

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BongRips4Jesus, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. We all have a friend who thinks smoking pot is a competition, whether its rolling a joint or seeing who can take a hit, we all have that friend who makes smoking annoying.

    For example

    "You roll shitty joints"

    "I can take a bigger hit than you"

    "That was a pussy hit"

    It annoys the fuck out of me lmao
  2. none of my friends are like that.

    if someone annoyed me i wouldn't smoke with them.

    i also don't roll shitty joints so that helps
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  3. Just laugh your ass off at him. That's a bunch of BS and is silly. I mean your fried is full of it, not you. I have a friend that does the same thing- she has a negative attitude about anything my wife and do around the house. That's just how she is and I figure she envies us.
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  4. I have a friend like that but it's more like friendly banter yeah.

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  5. I'm sorry but if I've chipped in to the green and your rolling shitty blunts you will be told and have your rolling privileges taken away from you,
    Do you not play drinking games with your pals...? Well same thing, if your buddy bought you a pint and a whiskey chaser you wouldn't be moaning,
    On the other side to op, I fucking hate people who try to slow me down
  6. Just don't smoke with him OP.

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  7. I've had some friends like that. The key word here is "had."
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  8. I roll shitty joints, so I use RAW cones instead. Problem solved.

    But OP, Lenny's all over this. None of my friends are like that either, mainly because if someone annoyed me like that, I wouldn't smoke with them either. People like that are insecure little assholes who have to one up everyone to feel normal. They can't enjoy the moment of just being with friends getting high. They have to be the big man. Those people end up smoking alone because nobody wants to smoke with them. That's a roundabout way of saying, if you know people (they're not friends) who say/do that kind of thing, drop them from your life. You will enjoy life more.
  9. well if he's gods gift to rolling then he can do everyones rolling for them..... or ya'know stop being a prick about it
  10. This isn't a drunken frat party with the broskis, where I would expect dumbass shit like "BRUH OMG UR SUCH A PUSSY LAWL". Weed is for good vibes and shaming others for how they consume it is such a pet peeve of mine. Live and let live.

    Your friend needs to learn some goddamn respect. One uppers are insecure people who can't feel good about themselves without putting others down. But that is HIS problem, not yours.

    Call him on every one of his shitty outbursts. Don't let him get away with a single syllable. "We're here to have fun, my friend. If this is a competition, nobody is playing. My momma taught me manners, so I'm going to ask you nicely to check your negativity."

    If it isn't your weed and it isn't your house, I'm afraid there is nothing much to be done except passive aggressively make him do everything he claims to be so great at. He tells you that you rolled a joint badly? Make him do it in front of everyone, but act like you're trying to be nice. "Well you're obviously the expert! Please demonstrate your amazing skills! We can all learn from someone so eager to critique others!"

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