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Stoner Music?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Pakelika, May 9, 2002.

  1. whats your favorite? Im into the Kottonmouth kings, their the shit if any of you have heard of them tell me what u think, if not what do you perfur? hook it up I need more tunes
  2. If you like KMK you should check out Corporate Avenger, if you haven't already.

    Anyway, for me...I'm into the older mellower stuff, you can't go wrong with Floyd, The Doors, or Ozzy.
  3. I like hip hop when I'm blazed. Royce da 5'9" and Eminem are badass. The song Rock City is really fuckin good when ur stoned.
  4. yea the kings definitly when your blazed, Im also into alot of the underground music, but not alot of it is good to hear when you got a nice buzz

  5. wooorrdddddd..that song is great sober..even better blazed

    It depends on my mood/high

    if it's a hyped up high..I listen to what I usually listen to..underground hip-hop..then I gotta turn on the instrumentals and get a big cypha going..(I'm an emcee)

    if I'm having a chill high...Marley of course...Eek a mouse...barrington levy..reggae when I'm chilled out
  6. Tool...Korn...Poe...

  7. Kottonmouth Kings are the shit!! If you like more rap you'd like 3 6 maffia, necro is fuckin great, twiztid, blaze ya dead homie.. Sublime is great to listen to high, ah.. and i love listening to 2 pac.. :D *i know i like alot of different music but i love it all*

  8. Yea underground hip-hop, stuff from Aceyalone or Awol One is especially cool while high. Its always fun to turn on the instrumentals and having a cypher, the weed really enhances my ability to ryhme.

    Even though I'm not much a techno listener, I like listening to it while high. I also listen to classic rock while sober, but it doesn't really appeal to me while I'm high. Its because music that isn't so structured sounds better while faded.

  9. grateful dead, pink floyd, the doors, bob dylan, etc... music that should be a staple of every stoners collection. im not down with the rap, yo. i like something that takes some talent.
  10. Listening to Terrapin Station by the Dead and going down the highway feels like you are floating or something. It also does with Black Magic Woman by Santana...

  11. Hey man, you don't know anything about hip-hop if you only listen to the shit on the radio. It does take talent to mix, create beats, scratch and produce quality lyrics.

    Music that doesn't take talent is Pop or R&B, which is just some pretty boy or girl singing to some lyrics somebody else wrote.
  12. damn, how can you listen to that loud shit.

    Zeppelin, Zappa, Primus (and any Claypool), Floyd, Hendrix, Buckethead, Doors, Clapton, Gentle Fiant, Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, Ozzy...

    Ok, I could go on for days, so, I'll stop there, all depends on the mood I'm in.
  13. KMK!!!!
    i love the oldies as well, greatful dead, zeppelin, doors, the who, pink floyd, and some 2pac, and ...i think thats it
    hehe, its all good
  14. hey there thought i would add a few here to see the response dose anyone have a copy of the velvet underground andy whorhol? i am a big bluegrass fan have been all my life how many of ya love the sound track to oh brother where art thou? My heart belongs to rock & roll though my favorite group of all time is ac/dc, i love every song the CULT has ever done iv seen them 3 times , and blue oyster cult was the first album i ever bought spectors was the name. im still hurt over the break up of sound garden. im glad stone temple piolets got there shit together i love them. & it makes me cry to think ill never hear a new alice in chains song again damm heroin adicts. love rage against the machine didnt care much for the singer but the base player is the best in the world in my opinion , was saddend by the fact the criss cornell / rage thing didnt work out but looking forword to the one cd they will be relesing this summer. led zepplin will always rule and we need to hear more from the but whole surfers . pat benitar is forever the queen. and speaking of Queen they left us wanting more. Rush is so spiritual as well as YES , DEEP PUURPLE made a hell of a come back we need more!!!! Tom petty is the love of my life he got me through a lot of hard times, Filter needs to make another cd for us, dose any one remember uriah heep? or tommy bowlin . ya gotta luv posttoastie!!!!! U 2 has made the grade . has any one got in to tonic specialy lemmon parade? kid rock has left a mark on me as well oh dont forgett black sabath , ozzy is doing well for him self. we musant forgett trafic , and is anyone familiar w/ mathew sweet? ya gotta love celtic bag pipes got some for mothers day. ya all have a great day now & if you havent heard of some of these maybe youll open your ears & your minds & try some rock on people !!!!! luv patch
  15. I heard some Rage with Chris Cornell, and its not the same. Doesn't sound good. Don't get me wrong, Sound Garden was badass with him. Rage is just not the same without Zack. Without Zack it's wack.
  16. TOOL, A Perfect Circle, Doors, Floyd, Sevendust, Miles Davis, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc., etc. ...

    It's all music to me ... well, except country! Heh. :D Toke up, listen up, and enjoy. Dammit.

  17. Oh yes tool and perfict circle , pink floyes were some i didnt write down , i beleive its called a brain fart tehee!!! along w/ zebra , cheap trick ,rat, the kinks , janes adiction, krocus , foriner , stixs, and smashing pumpkins, r,e,m, joe walsh, ronnie james dio , ( the best stage show iv ever seen ) there are somany!!! Faded spinner i have to vote your avitar far the best where did you find it? it reminds me of our little mule pearl i sure do miss her shes not dead shes living some where else now , thats what our oldest daughter learnd to ride on we are big donky & mule fans got lots of stories , do you ride them or did you just like the pic, ? i think im going to start a thread on voting for best avitars i think it would be lots of fun !!!!! have a great day patch!!!
  18. I still like what is now considered "classic rock" too...Led Zeppelin, Yes, Pink Floyd, The Who. Pink Floyd always had great show's. Yes did a fabulous light show if you were tripping especially.
    I live near Tanglewood. So, we see alot of classical performances for free. We have a friend who is an usher there. It's a beautiful place to go on a summer night. What alot of people do is spread a blanket out, lay on the grass(the shed seats are wicked expensive, and are hard on the ass), and have picnics and drink wine and beer. The wine and beer has to be enclosed in a cooler tho, or bought inside at their concession stand.
    Then you just lay there and listen to some very beautiful music, and look up at the stars.

  19. Patchoulie420, you've got some great taste. I really like listening to live, concert recordings when im gettin high. My favorite is probably Pulse from Pink Floyd. The second disc has a permanent home in my disc changer. I've got a live Tom Petty album thats great. If you like Tonic, try listening to some Verve Pipe. Yes, they actually have other great songs besides 'Freshman'. Try Cracker, Garbage, Siamese Dream from Smashing Pumpkins has got to be one of the most well written/produced albums of all time. Check out Josh Rouse's Under Cold Blue Stars if you're trying to mellow out some. Or if you've got some company, throw in some old 70's funk. I work for a local band here in TN called Gran Torino that mixes a lot of Funk grooves with newer pop/rock sounds. Check them out too. I'm always up to try out some new stuff, send me some suggestions. Keep Burnin, lemme know what you think about some of this stuff.
  20. MARLEY

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