Stoner music??

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by z0n3, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. What kind of music do you guys listen too when ure stoned??

    personally i love nothing more then too get wrecked and lay down in a dimly lit room and put on some of my favourite band, ...And you will know us by the trail of dead.

    they are the best band when fucked and so trippy u gotta try it.
  2. gratefull dead and some pink floyd
  3. pink floyd, smashing pumpkins, darude or whatever backround music is on the game im playing
  4. hoobastank
  5. Sublime, Phish, Tool, and Bob Marley, mostly.
  6. classic rock. no question. almost anything from the 70's and late 60's
  7. i dunno usually a different music will suit my needs more tha particualr time.... but the bands i usually listen to are Less than jake, marley, sublime, kanye, jay z and the distillers


  8. "Take a Toke" by C + C Music Factory

    Go download it. I mean, legally purchase it.
  9. Less Than Jake is awesome, man.
  10. The single best thing to listen to when high is Earth 2 by Earth--over 70 minutes of sludgy, plodding, agonizing guitar dirge. You could disagree with me, but, well, then you'd be wrong.
  11. the dead or floyd. keller williams. radiohead. actually, if it has a down
  12. There's also a Music discussion forum...
  13. I like reggea aswell, thats awesome too listen too when stoned. especially with the bass turned up full.
  14. welp usually if i smoke i come back in my house and listen to watever i got in my windows media player, including some rap, some pink floyd n beatles type shit, 1 country band that arent really country, and some death metal, i'm very open on music..
  15. Alright, listen up people. Any music is stoner music.
    If you like a certain song, or even style of music, it'll sound
    a million times better stoned. Pot enhances music. Any

    Edit: (Damned stml). Meant to also put, if you hear a new
    song when high, pot can also open you up to new musical

    Music and pot go together like chocolate and peanut butter.
    Either one's great on it's own, but together they're so much

    Excuse me, but I've got to go listen to The Humpty
    Dance now.
  16. Bob Marley!
    DMX, Fitty, j-Kwon, Luda, mad rap kidd
  17. cypress hill, dr.dre, westside connections, any techno i got on my mp3 at the time, 311, incubus, xibit, ludacris, and radiohead
  18. Wu-Tang Clan(for some reason only 36 Chambers), Method Man, D12, punk rock(any except these new loser ass bands like good charlette who have their fuckin manager buy them patches and put them on their pants in alphabeticle and there is a bunch of new ones that i have to 'test' while smoking...OH! KRS One
  19. KRS-one, cypress hill, method man, redman, sublime, suicidal tendacies, bob marely, eeka mouse, shit the list is too long, oh yea cant forget to mention, the doors and pink floyd
  20. 311, sublime, marley, AFI (afi is crazy when ur fucked up), really all music is good when im lunchin out, unless it's boring. i love alot of music that has some wierd shit going on in the background, a shitload of fun to listen to when your stoned

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