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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by crazyj, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. What are some good songs to listen to while blazin? Or good to put on a Cd?

    "Freebird", "Smoke Two Joints", and "Jellyfish" by String Cheese are some good ones I've come up with
  2. listen to pink floyd when stoned .. thats the way to go ...

    a few good songs to listen to are "Mother" "Comftorbly Numb" "Wish you were here" ... etc...
  3. April by deep purple. any Moody Blues, but perferably the early stuff like To Our Children's Children's Children or Question of Balance
  4. The grateful dead.
  5. yea grateful dead is a must, and phish widespread panic, string cheese like you said, allman bros, bob marley, and led zepplin.
  6. Lynard Skynard kicks ass!
  7. then learn to spell the bands name correctly ;D
  8. Break-beat era : Anti-everything, controll freak, sex chance, Bullit proof, are all good, and a great vocalist.

    Archive: Londinium the album

    Yoshimiro meets Mike KArn: Liguid glass album

    Ozric tentacles: everything by them, I can't believe that no ones mentioned them!!!! check them out fast, you won't be disspaointed.

    Scorn: Locchi Barocchi, Gyral, White irises blind,

    Chris Cornel: Steel Rain

    The Republic Of Desire: Shiva, Year of The locust, Formless spawn of thatshogguo, Memory Manager, Reality Modulator, Locust, Avtomat 2.0
  9. hey ubik your the first person i ever seen mention scorn on any boards out there.,,.

    i got the album colossus and use to listen to it alot in high school., but i never heard any of their other albums., what ones u own, and how would u rate them?

    I highly recommend Naked City for those of u who like John Zorn or love schizo/jazz (best kind)
  10. Tool are awesome to listen to when stoned..and any lounge music.. engima- this will take u to another place, deep forest, cesaria evora (very good spnaish music), nine inch nails, and techno too!
  11. I got Gyral, Locchi Barocchi and evanlicense (or something like that, the album with James Plotkin) they're all 9-10, amazing stuff! The jame plotkin album is slightly more guitar oriented and has a lot of stuff going on in it, Gyral and Locchi Barocchi are very minimalistic and based on "wicked" drum loops. Weakener is one of the scariest songs I've heard...
  12. Cypress Hill - Hits From The Bong, Dr Greenthumb
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