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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Indi420, May 29, 2009.

  1. Now i'll start off saying I like watching half baked and any other stoner movie high just as much as the next guy, but as you start to smoke more and more (3 years consistant for me, every day for the past year) stoner movies become to feel way over rated and just not that great. Sure it is fun to get stoned and watch a movie about weed but sometimes, most of the time for me. It is way more fun to watch just movies you like about anything, war, comedy, action , drama, anything. I like watching movies I have not seen or movies that do not have anything to do with weed much more than I enjoy watching stoner films, Does anyone else agree that it is over rated to watch stoner movies while high, there are so many others that just blow my mind.

    I just find it more intresting to watch different movies about different things every day, not just your typical stoner films.

    Anyone else feel the same way, that stoner films are just way over rated?
  2. I dunno, I enjoy Grandma's Boy and Big Lebowski most. Rolling Kansas is like the worst stoner film ever made. I couldn't finish it,.
  3. I love the big lebowski, but I don't really consider that a stoner film as its main focus is not on weed. Infact he only smokes a few js in the entire movie and they never really make a big deal about it.
  4. Friday is the shit

    Fuck Pineapple Express...That was such a waste of money..I fell asleep watching it
  5. American Beauty isnt really a stoner movie but Kevin Spacey goes apeshit and starts smoking weed and pervin on lil girls .
  6. I thought How High was pretty boring myself.
  7. Not since Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke came out (and other C&C movies) has there ever been a truly enjoyable "stoner" movie that I liked or for that matter, even sat through the whole thing. Now there have been some movies I have like where cannabis was featured or prominent to the plot but they were not stoner movies.

  8. ...take that back

  9. Seriously :smoking:
  10. :eek: shit i loved that movie. pure weed head movie
  11. wtf??? pineapple express was hilarious
  12. hehe, Sorry guys. If it makes you feel any better I love the movie Cabin Boy (non-stoner movie) and everyone else hates it.
  13. haha, both Pineapple Express and How High are great. They are making a How High 2! :hello:

    I'll watch any movie high, regardless of whether or not it is about weed. I don't specifically look for stoner movies to watch and get stoned to, if I see a movie I like, I'll download it and watch it.

  14. i like next friday the best out of the 3. i also agree that pineapple express isnt as great as these people who worship it think it is....its just decent.
  15. I thought Friday was very average to be honest and not that impressive at all. I thought the best 'stoner' movie I've seen was Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, it was fresh and original and didnt use weed as the main plot focus at all. I thought Smiley Face was appalling. Half Baked was okay but not all that great either.

  16. how high is sooooo goood, soooooooooooooo goooooooood
  17. How High has to be the 2nd funniest stoner movie ever... Only behind Up in Smoke, of course.
  18. if im stoned then a stoner movie is everything I look for, but the rest of the time I can spot the hidden anti pot views that are laced into the movie so they end up sucking balls.
  19. yes the majority of stoner movies are overrated, as many of them come from the minds of our fellow cannabis enthusiasts who have the resources to make them, but lack the good sense not too. some of them turn out great (harold and kumar 1 was the shit high or sober). others come out pretty retarded (johnny appleweed which need copious amounts of ganja to make them interesting and entertaining.

    most of the movies i prefer watching high have little or nothing to do with drugs. movies that can make you think more into the stuff, but not the bonggoggled ideas we often come up with.
  20. Blasphemy

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