Stoner Mistakes: The Anthology

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PheenixTears420, Aug 7, 2008.

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    Once I had the munchies at my friends house so I found a frozen pizza dinner deal and put it in the microwave for a while. When I read the directions it said to turn the pizza after a certain amount of time. Me, not realizing that directions meant if you didn't already have a spinning place beneath the pizza, and so I flipped the pizza upside down on the plate.

    I brought it out and the cheese was attached to the paper plate and was all fucked up and my friend laughed at me the entire time. Oy, my stupidity sometimes.

    Okay, so I just went to get a snack from the kitchen- I opened up the freezer and this carton of ice cream is all fucked up and crushed and the lid is barely hanging on and there is practically no ice cream left in it- it's almost about to fall out of the freezer itself. At first I was confused, but then I realized my mom must be really stoned (she smokes every night) because she's the only one who uses that ice cream, lol.
  2. Holy shit. I can't believe I forgot all about mine and Floydian's horrible chain reaction of bongs breaking and weed getting wet. I'm on page 1 ...damn i posted that a LONG time ago.


  3. Haha do you guys still smoke together?
  4. the other day i went to empty the bong water and was pourin it out the carb and then it went out the top and all over the bathroom floor. it fuckin stunk
  5. the other day i rolled a joint too tight it wouldnt light


    so i put that fucker in a swisher


    not really a huge fuck up

    but i dont do it often

  6. Hahahaha thats something I would do man. We all make mistakes though hahaha
  7. yo i swear i heard the same story from my friend the other day and you live in boston too maybe he was talking about you i dano it wierd
  8. Okay so there was this one time where me and a couple of friends got baked in a homies backyard. We were smoking bowl after bowl till I was completely baked. So then i was sitting there staring into space then all of a sudden I notice something that looked like a nug, so i was like "OHHSHIT! I FOUND BUD!" so then I threw it in the bowl and looked at it.. wondering why it didnt have any crystals or orange hairs. Then my friend was like "dude... thats dry dog shit."
  9. AHAHAHAHA!!! I almost pissed on myself! One of my friends has done the EXACT same thing! To be fair - it kinda did just look like some dirt schwag or something :p
  10. Worst mistake I ever made was today. Went home at lunch and smoked some good white widow. I go back to school and wander into a bio 30 class. Well, at least I THOUGHT it was bio 30. I looked around after finding a seat and start giggling because everyone looked so short. I then realized that I was in a grade 7 class. giggled my way out the door.
  11. haha the other day i smoked 3 amazing salad bowls of AK47, white widow, and trainwreck, and i got really thirsty. so i went in the kitchen to get a drink, mind you it's 2AM and my parents have work in the morning. i open the fridge to find some bomb sprite.

    so i get out a cereal bowl instead of a glass and start pouring sprite in it. then as i realize what the fuck i am doing, i quietly called myself a dumbass and picked up the bowl and set it back in the cabinet (full of sprite). so i reach into the other cabinet to get a glass, and start pouring my drink. the whole time i'm pouring my drink im thinking "wtf why wont the glass fill up at all?" needless to say im pouring the sprite all over the kitchen counter instead of in the glass.

    so then i figure, "hmm, sprite is clear like water, so my parents wont notice if i dont clean it up". so i proceed to fill my glass and go in my room before they wake up.

    unfortunately i get up at 6AM to my mom bitching and chasing me around the house with a belt. while im running around the kitchen trying to avoid her, i see an open cabinet with a bowl of sprite and a large sticky mess covering the entire kitchen counter and floor.
  12. ...shit, I spent 10 minutes typing my mistake/story and I accidently hit the "Back" button 3 times somehow, I lost everything I just typed :(

    I guess that beats the mistake I was typing though, so it's all good :p :smoking:

    I'll just write it again tomorrow

  13. LMFAO!!! Definitely top 3 in this entire list... Still reading tho ")
    This is a stoner if I've ever seen one....
  14. so one time me and my friends went to mcdonald's high as fuck, i'm not driving, someone else is. So we're telling him our orders, and honestly they're not that hard to remember. We all kinda wanted the same thing, most of us got Spicy McChickens and the others got burgers, so he's sitting there look at all of us trying to get our orders straight.

    I can see him kinda freaking out and he turns to the drive thru menu and orders 14 double drinks. Came out to I think around $20 and my car smelt like burgers for a solid week afterwards. We ate all the food.

    Another time a friend of mine ordered a Wendy's food item instead of McDonald's and didn't realize it. He wanted a Jr. Bacon Ranch or something, they gave him a normal burger with 2 strips of bacon on it. He had no idea.
  15. Nice! That is E-P-I-C! You poor dude!
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    Ok, so me and my fiancee are going over to my friend and her boyfriend's house one night to go and get blazed. Well, they don't really have a lot of money and my girlfriend was kinda hungry. So she's like, I'm gonna bring some macaroni and cheese to eat later. And I'm like, you can't that's rude. So an arguement pursures for 5 or so minutes about it. I'm like fuck it, and gave in to her bringing some.

    We arrive to our friend's house and smoke six fatties :smoking: of DANK shit :hippie: . We are all really baked, and my fiancee was like, Dan, make the macaroni and cheese. My friend was like, wait, you brought food to our house? Isn't that rude? I told them that I didn't bring it, my fiancee did (oops!). We all got into a huge arguement about bringing the macaroni and cheese for a while.

    We smoke some more and everybody mellows out over the whole thing. Then, out of nowhere our friend blurts out, "macaroni and cheese? what the fuck?". In the follwing hours, everybody makes fun of me for bringing mac and cheese to their house even though they had some. To this day they remind me that I brought mac and cheese to our chill session!
  17. Yeah we do, haha.

    I was just at his house the other day.

  18. one time me and my friend went through the drive-thru of mcdonalds really fucked up. we get to the microphone and ask for whoppers. this spanish woman taking our order is like "what" and we just keep yelling "whopper!" into the microphone. so shes "let me get my manager." so this other spanish dude comes on and is like "what seems to be the problem?" Me and my friend, thinking that we've done nothing wrong and starting to get really pissed, yell back at this guy, "Look, I don't know what the problem is we just want 2 WHOPPERS"

    we then realize that mcdonalds does big mac not whoppers. we then realize our mistake and start cracking up for like 5 minutes before finally telling this guy that we actually want 2 big macs. haha the guy must've known we were high as shit.

    ALSO: did you know that 4 things off the dollar menu at mcdonalds is $4.20? conincidence? i think not.
  19. I got so high that I forgot my password for like 3 months hahaha

    ps: it's nice to be back
  20. Ok well here's mine...
    I was chillin' with my homies when I was talking about my friend, whom I'll call J, trying to say "I like to blow smoke into J's face while he's sleeping to get him high."
    Well... it didn't come out quite as I had expected...
    Instead I accidentally said "I like to blow J."
    This is after a good smoke sesh and also from staying awake for more than a day.

    Needless to say it was quite the embarssment haha.
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