Stoner mistake

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by adamBC, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. yup, for the first time ever, I stopped my car at a green light the other day, sat there for about a minute was 7 or 8 cars piled up behind me.

    once they started honking i clued in hehehe.

    reminds me of the differance between driving drunk and driving stoned.

    A drunk will run a stop sign, and stoner waits for it to turn green.
  2. hahaha i always seem to get real confused when im stoned. like ill forget the usual things im supposed to remember.

    like a while ago i was smoking wit this big group of ppl and we all got baked. i forgot who my one friend was and i started hittin on him cuz he had long hair and i guess i thought he was a girl. [im not gay] :D
  3. Haha, nice work.

    Good to hear from you also.
  4. i was once with this girl and she was sooooo faded

    we were in some neighborhood and she backed up into this like 2 foot green box thing that i think runs the phone lines into the houses there or something

    and i thought she hit the curb she ended up bending the box all the way back and she dented her back bumper

    after we realized what we done we got so paranoid we thought the cops were gonna show up any minute so we booked it out of there

    thinking back now it was kinda of funny XD

    she was like "OMG I THINK I HIT A KID!!"

    wow me and my friends have really smoked ourselves retarded this summer
  5. this one time all my friends and i were smoking on a L at the burger king drive threw and we ran over this little girl on her tricycle.

    naw but i did the green light thing once, also got in the shower with my socks on.
  6. haha it happens bro....glad you were able to continue your day unscathed...

    happy tokin!!!!

  7. hahahaha that shit is funny.
  8. hahahah, I was tripping on shrooms once, and my friend was standing on the sidewalk (also tripping) and he's super quiet and standing dead still. Then suddenly he runs as fast as he can to one of those green things kicks it over and runs away half screaming and half laughing. It was so insane.
  9. rofl haha
  10. I've done the stop at a stop sign and sit there like its a red light.... I was with my cousin who used to smoke but quit for some reason or another. He asked if I could give him a ride somewhere and on the way there I came to a stop sign and just sat there. He looked at me and was like, "What are you doing?" I tried to play it off cool but yeah...

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