Stoner Metal?

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  1. I like a lot of various types of metal, but I've got a special place deep down for stoner metal. Such as Electric Wizard, Saint Vitus, Sleep, Kyuss, etc. Anyone else?
  2. not really, but Bad Brains are sick
  3. I adore everything Josh Homme has touched, which to my knowledge amounts to Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, and Eagles of Death Metal. Nick Oliveri's band Mondo Generator relaesed at least one album, Cocaine Rodeo, and it's a tad heavy for my taste but it's still an excellent listen. I haven't heard Electric Wizard so I'll check them out. I've got Fu Manchu's King of the Road and it's awesome as well. I gave Moster Magnet a try and didn't like them too much; they seemed to me to be just a mediocre band that fit nicely in the stoner metal genre. And of course some old school Black Sabbath is always worth playing.

    Please recommend some more stoner metal bands for me to check out.
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    Stoner Doom

    Cathedral, YOB, Abdullah, and High On Fire are other good bands to try first.

    (As is Electric Wizard, Sleep, and Saint Vitus, but they have already been mentioned)

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