Stoner Madness Tournament!!

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  1. Ok guys and girls I have put together the ultimate stoner tournament. The tournament will consist of 32 T.V or Movie personalities that are known "stoners." And in this tournament YOU will decide the winners!

    There will be two matches a day until the winner is decided. The match polls will be opened for 24 hours. The tournament will be set up in 2-16 man brackets. This will be worked exactly like the NCAA tournament

    for example: 1 wont play 2 if they both win, they will play the winner of the 8,9 match.

    Bracket A

    1)Chris Tucker as Smokey
    16)Ben Stiller as Ted Stroehmann(Something about Mary)

    2)Cheech Marich as Cheech
    15)Sean Patrick Flanery as Conner MacManus(Boondock Saints)

    3)Tommy Chong as Chong
    14)Norman Reedus as Murphy MacManus(Boondock Saints)

    4)Jason London as Randy "Pink" Floyd
    13)Paulo Constanzo as Rubin(Road Trip)

    5)Kal Penn as Kumar
    12)Peter Dante as Dante(Grandmas Boy)

    6)Ben Affleck as O'Bannion(Dazed and Confused)
    11)Redman as Jamal King(How High)

    7)Ice Cube as Craig(Friday)
    10)Method Man as Silas(How High)

    8) Jared leto as Harry Goldfarb (Requiem for A Dream)
    9) Danny Masterson as Hide

    Bracket B

    1)Dave Chappelle as Thurgood
    16)Jack Black as Lance(Orange County)

    2)Jim Breuer as Brian
    15)Jon Stewart in Halfbaked

    14)Guillermo Diaz as Scarface

    4)John Cho as Harold
    13)Ryan Reynolds as Van Wilder

    5)Jeff Bridges as The Dude
    12)Maroln Waynes as Shorty

    6)Snoop Dogg
    11)Johnny Depp as George Jung

    7)Mike Epps as Day Day
    10)Topher Grace as Eric Foreman

    8)Bill Murray as Steve Nissou
    9)Mark Paul Gosselaar as Cooper(Dead man on campus)

    Now for the first Match!
  2. Smokey got my vote.
  3. haha this looks interesting. 5$ on towlie.

    the dude from fast times at ridgemount high, i forget his name?
  4. snooooop
  5. Towelie, it's all about Towelie
  6. Update Post(Updates will be in this post)

    Smokey defeats Ted and will go head to head with the winner of 8 vs 9 in Bracket A.
    Thurgood Defeats Jack Black in Orange County and will go head to head will winner of 8 vs 9 in Bracket B.
    Cheech Has defeated Conner MacManus from Boondock Saints and will face winner of 10 vs 7 in Bracket A.
    Brian from Halfbaked defeated Jon Stewart and will face winner of 10 vs 7 in Bracket B.
    Chong defeats Murphy MacManus from boondock saints and will face winner of 6 vs 11 in Bracket A.
    Scarface wins in sudden death against Towlie and will face winner of 6 vs 11 in Bracket B.
  7. Just a bump for the peeps asking why im posting these polls everyday.

    (15)Scarface leading (3)Towlie is a shocker and maybe the first upset.
  8. :eek:

    wheres B-Real?

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!! :mad:
  9. ^^ Good to see you back Wykid:wave:
  10. Today is the last day of the first round!
  11. TOWELIE!!!! goin all the way baby


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