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Stoner Lullaby

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Get Highhh, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Unless we have a party or it's in the daytime this works every time haha

    1) Smoke a few blunts
    2) Grab a Vitamin Water (Any delicious beverage) and some Cheez-Its
    3) Fall onto the couch and turn on Family Guy
    4) Dim the lights

    It appears this triggers a signal to the brain in all stoners that tells you to fall asleep haha
  2. For me it is

    1) Go grab the fruit rollups/baileys
    2) Lye on couch
    3) Play halo then watch family guy
    4) ZzZzzzz
  3. 1. cook a hearty meal
    2. rip the bong
    3. watch basketball
    4. zzz
  4. This is what I usually do to super chill out and fall asleep.
    1. do some light exercise
    2. hit some waterfalls
    3. grab a tasty drink and snack
    4. hit some waterfalls
    5. find and watch a good movie/show

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