Stoner Karma :)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Pilgrim, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. So yesterday I was bored and decided to take my dog for a walk on this nice riverside trail across the valley. Well I'd been dry for a couple days and really wanting to toke, and I got really excited when I saw something stemmy-looking being flinged out of a parked car. So I park next to them and get out and I see that it's these two guys that me and my friend had smoked out at a different park like a week before! And sure enough they were toking it up, so I hop in the back of their car and we smoked a fat bowl before they took off. Then I got to take my dog for a nice baked walk in the beautiful nature.
    Good things do happen :)
  2. ahh dude thats hella chill man
  3. very nice. might wanna tell your buddies there to be careful about tossing stuff outa the car, but w/e. i'm just kinda paranoid about that myself and if you spotted them doing it, someone else could as just of easily.
  4. So exactly what did they throw. And what did you do to your dog... :)
  5. Oh, it's a pretty concealed parking area, I've never seen a cop there, and most people around here either toke or don't care if you do haha.

    I dunno, I forgot to ask, but I'm pretty sure it was just a fatty stem. (I should've told them that they should save stems though, anybody who doesn't is wasting so much kief and hash-making possibilities!) And I took him for a walk down to the river and let him run around for a while?? I dunno if I understood your question or not..
  6. think he means "Was your dog high? Elaborate plz"
  7. Not to me... and ive been trying to rack up a lot of good karma.

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