stoner ideas you actually followed through with

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mrphreez, May 31, 2009.

  1. Good Morning

    so you know when you're getting high with friends and you have an idea that sounds ingenious at the time, but in reality is totally dumb? well did you ever follow through on making that "world's biggest burrito?"

    this thread is about things you actually followed through on. Here are 2 of mine:

    junior year in college, me and my roommate who got high every day were watching my hamster run in the wheel. my roommate asked when he was gonna die. Since he was already 1.5 years old, i guessed 6 months. so he said, we should breed the little guy to carry on his seed. so over the next 3 weeks we shopped around various pet stores checking out the most suitable females and found the perfect one! she had 13 kids (10 survived) and me and roommate got the pick of the litter

    another time my friends thought it would be cool to have a tatoo gun and give out tatoos, so they bought one, tested out the needle length and starting playing around with it (mostly on drunk people at parties) they colored in peoples already existing tatoos and gave them "infinity signs

    what have you done?
  2. My friends and I went to burger king, bought 20 burgers, and put them together to make one. "super burger"

    Then tried to eat it. Ouchie tummy.

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