Stoner Greeting Cards

Discussion in 'General' started by Namynam, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. OMG Freevibe has done the fucking impossible. Theyve topped themselves in dumbass anti-weed propaganda!

    They now have, STONER GREETING CARDS!!!

    Heres some of the cards they have....

    Card 1:

    "Thanks for a special evening..(only 2 dots since stoners are too lazy to make a 3rd)"

    "I just wanted to thank you for our date the other day, although, thanks to you, I'll never walk the same way.

    What made you think you could DRIVE WHEN YOU'RE HIGH?
    And when I asked if you were, why did you lie?

    Did you think I'd enjot watching you total your car?
    Did you think I'd always wanted a 6-INCH LONG SCAR?

    Well, whatever your reasons, whatever you say,
    I'll NEVER GO OUT WITH YOU AGAIN. Never. No way"

    Then next the card it says:
    I understand:
    Smoking marijuana makes it difficult to judge distances and react to signals on the road

    Card 2:

    "What caring means to me..."

    "You were supposed to WATCH OUR DAUGHTER
    when she got hom from school.

    But instead, while you got stoned,
    my child FELL INTO THE POOL.

    She almost drowned that day,
    as you were GETTING HIGH,

    (Luckily a neighbor was within earshot
    to hear the SPLASH AND CRY.)

    Please stop telling me you're SORRY
    - of hearing that, I'm tired.

    I just need to let you know
    you're absolutley fired."

    I understand:
    Weed can impair your judgement, which can get you into something you'll really regret.

    Card 3:

    "My buddy"

    "Hey little brother, i just wanted to say,
    I'm sorry I FORGOT to pick you up yesterday

    I was home listening to music, and getting high
    (an boy, when you're backed, TIME DOES FLY).

    Beforei knew it, it was half-past three,
    and your daycare teacher was YELLING at me.

    It's cool she drove you home, but that lady needs to chill.
    Just 'cause i left you hangin', doesn't mean I'm MENTALLY ILL.

    Anyway, you're home in one piece, and for that I'm glad.
    Next time, I'll try not to make your teacher SO MAD."

    I understand:
    Marijuana can impair your ability to concentrate and retain information, which can really affect the people you care about.

    LOL this cards are great. The caps is what they for some reason have in pink as opposed to the green, in some cards it just looks like they had nothing about weed to highlight so they just highlighted random shit so it looked good.

    I typed it all out cause i was bored:p i stayed home today, then ,my parents are taking me out to eat tonight, then theyre leaving to go to florida for a week on saturday :D
  2. if i saw one of those freevibe people i would beat the shit out of them... warped tour my brothers friend threw a handfull cigarette butts at the people at the truth tent hahahahaha
  3. The Truth isn't that bad is it? I thought they were just focusing on cigarettes/tobacco, which is a good thing...
  4. I like truth. Atleast they, tell the truth.

    Freevibe preaches bullshit like god sent it to them engraved on stones.

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