Stoner Girls?

Discussion in 'General' started by marley_d, May 20, 2013.

  1. Rule 34 is an Internet term that means "if it exists there is porn of it"
  2. Ahhh I get it now. thanks for clearing that up.
  3. Stoner girls unite
  4. Hey hey, go ahead, be hot and sexy and smoke, I don't mind!

    That goes for all of you stoner girls, keep on keepin on!
  5. I wish I knew a few chicks that smoked. I wish my girlfriend smoked but she quit a long time ago.
    Guys that smoke is cool, but it always ends up with people just talking about dude stuff like tit's and sports. Not a big fan of sports and I only like tit's when I get to play with them. The few girls I knew that smoked it was always chill and we had some great times together.
  6. A lot of dudes I know who don't like their chicks smoking is cause it's just another head on the pipe ALL THE TIME. More weed being smoked, if she smokes cigs, double the cigs smoked. I can see why they hate it if the lady don't bring her own bag.
  7. It's fucking weed, ridiculous ^^^
    It does get tiring to supply everything without having anyone throw down, AGREED
    This is why moochers are not people I befriend and I prefer to keep my circle small
    People are different, I won't smoke with just anyone, won't even buy off just anyone
  8. Only have one friend who is a moocher but ive known the guy for 15+ years. He's gotten better over time still mooches every so often.

    Sharing really is caring if all parties involved share. Lame if its one person
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    yeah exactly, if I know you and practically consider you family, the weed is no problem, take it smoke it all good, it's when i don't know you and you think you have a right to take it all that we have a problem
    throwing down and supporting the purchase is always an offer i make
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    Lmao, you sound like me! I appear friendly, but hate many. Just more comfortable on my own. 
    Kinda bitter I know but, being around people for so long can piss me off if I'm not having a good time.
    When I  am having a good time and I am around a great group of friends, it's a blast and everyone is enjoying themselves.
    Love these nights/days/moments. 
  11. Yup tamm splitting image if me haha!

    I'm best one on one, but after a couple drinks my angst turns to mild uneasiness and I start to have a good time... Then I over do it.
  12. I loooooove stoner chicks.  Even better are normal professional looking/acting women that turn out to love weed as well.  Its like a hidden secret attribute.  Also makes me think they are more sexual for some reason.
  13. Why is one defined by marijuana or tobacco consumption?
    My boyfriend of nearly 4 years doesn't smoke weed but I love him, I love his personality and so long as he respects my choices, I respect his. It would be a wee bit superficial for me to presume I automatically know what someone is like because they do/don't smoke whatever.
    I smoke cigarettes. I smoke dope. 
    But yous should all bear in mind, Euro stoners smoke spliffs mostly, not joints. 
    I've actually never smoked week without tobacco, that would be weeeeird.
  14. That is the saddest thing I've read all day.
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    I do not understand why so many people wonder this...... I mean this thread has been made so many times. Who cares if its a dude or a chick they are just people. Lots of different kinds of people like weed.
  16. i like females who smoke.  what i dont like is those females who think that just because they have tits, they're exempt from ever contributing any weed or money.  but that honestly has nothing to do with their gender, i just hate moochers.
    No one said they really care, but some people like smoking with females more than males, for various reasons.
    You're right, a lot of different people smoke weed, but let me ask you a question, would you care if one person smoked weed and got all paranoid and started tripping on you, and the other smoked weed and just chilled? Of course you would care who you smoke with, I hate smoking with paranoids.
    I like smoking weed with both sexes, and hell, i've even smoked weed with a tranny before(weird story, prefer to not tell it lmao)and it is different smoking with different genders. I enjoy all of it, but if a girl wants to smoke, I don't know, I just enjoy being around stoned girls more, their cuter, and funnier than stoned men.
  18. girls that smoke pot are cool
  19. You absolutely can judge a person by their habits. If I don't want to deal with a smoker and their smelly habit and stupid routine I can totally excommunicate them from my life.

    Do you really want to stand out in the cold while someone takes their last fiend hit, or you're driving far and since you don't allow them to smoke in your car you have to stop every hour so they can have a smoke?

    Fucking ridiculous!

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