Stoner Girls?

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  1. Hello everyone, so I was thinking earlier why dont alot of guys agree with females toking every once in awhile? I know alot of guys that just dont like it. Are you one of those guys? Let me know why you dont like females smoking. I just wanna know. Is it unattractive? Idk. I had a guy never talk to me again when I told him I smoked..... This is just weird. 

  2. I don't like girls that don't toke. Just my preference.
  3. Thats what i like to hear.  :hello:
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    Yeah it's really gross, cigarettes are even worse. I dont regularly smoke anything, not even semi regularly... In fact I hate most stoners, mostly because of their attitude, not that they smoke, like the excuses and rationalization for why they smoke is totally idiotic. But there're bad apples in every group.

    I just hate everyone, so don't go freaking out or anything.
  5. I love stoner girls lol but can't do a cig smoker.
  6. Always remember kids: If she smokes she pokes.
  7. I'm a gay guy, so my perspective has a twist, but I have to say that by far stoner chicks are my favorite.  :wub:  A majority of my best friends in life have been stoner chicks, all wonderful, beautiful, amazing women for whom my adoration is neverending. Plus they tend to wear a lot of green, which is my favorite color. We just tend to have a ton in common. 
  8. Lol, you have your opinion. But thanks for stating it ! lol . You're awesome.  :metal:
  9. this. ^ lol. Do girls ever tell you that they want to be your bestfriend? 
  10. LOVE love love stoner chicks. I don't mind cig smokers, cause i smoke cigs as well.
    Some guys think it's gross, but those guys obviously do not smoke, and as you can see, theres plenty that do, so fuck the ones who don't. I won't even go out with a chick that doesn't smoke weed, because when I smoke, and someone is around, I like to smoke with them, not have them look at me funny when i'm the only one doing it.
  11. YESSS ^ when I would smoke around my boyfriend, he would just rip the bong right after me & it was just perfect. Like they say " a couple that smokes together, stays together" & in my opinion its true.  :D
  12. Yes, hopefully not just for the novelty too.  :smoke:  :laughing: 
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    As a bisexual female that tokes daily I have to say I love chicks who smoke. All of my girlfriends have smoked and even all of my female just friends smoke. We love to have girls night out and get comedy movies or some stand up comedies or just watch tosh.o with lots of ice cream.
    Basically, dolls that smoke hell yeah
  14. Stoner porn. Nice.
  15. Rule 34.
  16. tokin from a bong is one of the most sexiest things a girl can do. Especially if she is wearing a low cut top and she bends over and shows cleavage.
  17. Educate me please?
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    Yea Im the same. I can't do tobacco anymore. Its basically preference so dont take it personal. 
    Definitely a way to bond with your significant other (and other people as well). 
    How about just naked?
  19. Ohh yea. Stoner chicks are the coolest. Always chill people. 
  20. Same here, was with one for awhile and hated it, havent told her though lol.

    Stick to the green people.

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