Stoner Gamers XBOX 360.

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by xDhollee, Nov 18, 2014.

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    Hey Guys  :wave:
    So i've recently got back into gaming and after being offline for several months,
    most of my stoner gamer friends have moved on or got ps4s ( bastards i know  ;) )
    so now online gaming seems lonely and not as fun, so im looking for fellow stoner gamers!
    if you wanna link up, play a few games and blaze then add me!
    or leave your gamertags and ill add you  :)
    I have quite a few games but i mostly play;
    GTA V
    Skate 3
    COD; MW, MW2, MW3, Black Ops 1&2
    Halo ODST & Halo 3
    Dirt 3
    Left For Dead
    My GT; xDhollee
    Hope to see some gamertags soon :)
    Holley -  :bongin:

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    halo ODST*
    and if I still had my 360 I'd be playing skyrim for days lol
  3. haha, thank you! shows how long i havent played for :p lol.. 
    i used to have skyrim, i lent it to a friend and they "lost" it apparently -.- 
    loved it when i had it tho! was a sick game  :yay:
  4. Fallout...fallout and some more fallout!
  5. ive got fallout 3. 
  6. Thebruders 👍

    Fish , chips , cup of fuckin tea , Mary fuckin poppins
  7. I'll hop on and play some cod with you.

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  8. My GT is Digital Tetsuo, possibly Digital Tyrion when I get an xbone.

    I play GTA V, COD,Diablo III,Defiance,L4D,etc. But especially GTA, because the online is easier than the multi and I want to be good at it

    (btw. Does your toon carry over to the xbone or will I need a new one)

    Anyway, stoned ramble aside lol, anyone feel free to add me, stoner gamers are the way to go stoned, its kind of annoying playing with non stoned people, different wavelengths and intentions, like the necessity of planning versus strategic improvising, stoners go for the latter

    I don't always play video games
    but i usually do
    I wont say I don't always smoke weed
    because I do
    so when I do
    I smoke Casey jones
    roll away the dew my friends
  9. WheresMyLight3R

    Playing a bunch of random shit lately but always down for more blades on my friendslist

    GTA V / COD:AW / Halo 3, reach
  10. Can anyone PLEASE show me what is so good about GTA 5's online feature? I am new to GTA and all I do is run around, unlock the weapons cheat, and shoot people, steal cars, and get killed. Same with Online except for the fact I can't use cheat codes which makes online that much worse than story mode. Thinking about trading the game in. If you want to try and change my mind, add me on xbox Live. My gt is federalbiker12 Hope to see u online :) (jus say you're from grasscity and I'll know.) btw I have a mic.

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  11. Got to do missions man and buy houses and cars once you have a crew you'll love it start a crew with some stoners add me DelayedSpider
  12. Haha okay bro

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