Stoner free assosication.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by juandeez, May 18, 2003.

  1. Here is a page exceprt of a free association I did with MS word. Everyone!! Post some of your free associations. Bust please, limit the len gth to like one page max!

    Here's mine:


    Listen to how music pulls you
    Feel also

    Watch winam p visulatiuon

    Play music!

    For me:
    Memories flew by me. Sometimes they were stacked-like two memories occurring at once.
    I was creating a fast paced story based on the visulations in winamp.
    Tripped out!!! Just stared at my face making faces for like 5 mins
    Was doing exciting things
    Had the mad kottonzzzz
    Dressed up cute for jenny so she would wear sexy underwarezzzz. I know I am a perv when it comes to underwear. Itzzz gr8!!!
    Pantera – Domination in background
    \t-mostly focusing on what I'm writing
    whatever I look at, a story becomes of it, and I follow it
    Thought: I forgot what I was gonna say, but I now know---ADD
    Focusing on Pantera song – getting vivid images of the song
    Music sounds damn good-body moves with it!!!!
    Blood hound gang – I feel I am in the story… Boring guy talking, now in cheesy music video with some fay-gay guy!!!
    Music bounces in my head. I feel I am at Universal city walk In the Balzac store.
    Back in video – like robbert palmer addicted to love
    Now I am flying
    Paranoid that yenny yen yennyfur will come home and cut back on my (in towelie voice) haaa he's sooooo cute!!
    Now I am in the morning making coffee and having doggie style sex with wife (Jenny looks skinny and beautiful-not that she isn't now. I love looking at her while she sleeps-especially when her hair is flatter. She looks soooo cute! SXhe just needs a good puch up bra when she wears those damn hot shirts shew got at Express. Oh man, that would be so hot!!! She would just need to wear a matching thongs or g string. I want to get her one of those ones from victories secret that is just a tiny string in the back. The sating ones…. I don't know what colors…One that would match the sating push up bra. Oh man, and some tight jeanbs. I wish she could strip for me for like ever. Just her moving her body slowly, and totally enjoying it.. (Note: sometimes the emotions move quicker, and you can't record them all, so bear this in mind. My tone might change, and I wont acknowledge it. That's for you, the discoverer/researcher that is looking at this looks at theis…) Anyway, back to Yenny and her lingerie. So, on the bottom, a sating v-string..fromt the second skin satin collection. Anyway, the color would be….red. Then she would need the matching miracle bra, with the big ass padding. Then, the red busty shirt. On the bottom, she would wear her brand new express jeans. Except, they would be a little tigher around her butt, but you could see less of her belly-like it's lower on most girls. Her sexy shirt would show her belly, and she would have a belly piercing. Then, she would wear her tall red shoes…With no socks, I suppose… She would have red painted toenails. Her hair would be flattened, and red-highlited. She would wear it down. I think she would look good with a tongue ring. You know!! We, as a generation (y in our case) need to make certain traditionally “bad” things like piercings, tattoos, minor drug use, having lots of, enjoyablw, orgasmic sex much more often. Not bhe prudish about nudity on TV. We should not fear sex – we should be like the French. They have lotsa sex, and feel good about it. We need to drink more beer, teach kids about sex up-front and honestly. Jesus! Kids need to have sex. Safely, of course. I mean, NOT kid kids, but teenagers-age 15 or so. Way back in the old days, girls were married at 15 and bearing kids. We need to recognize the damaging effects of hatred, criminalization – with special note to pot use. We need to reduce stress! We should recognize the importance of living FULFILLING lives. Who cares if we die at 55. If we die happy, then who cares! I'd rather die happy at 55 right after a day of skydiving. Why live to 80 with 20 bad years, than have 55 good years. It doesn'tmattwer if you're a plummer or a rich bastard. You enjoy life with whatever is in front oif you. Of course, I believe you should take vacations every once in awhile from your life, and live in someone elses shoes. Rich men! Live as a poor man. Become a manager of a tire shop, smoke some dope-pot, crack, heroin, whatever. When you're done, you go back to your usual life. Poor guys! Go live in a mansion, with servants, drive really fast in your Ferraris or Lamborghinis. Al!! Take your turbo out You know what I'm saying. Fuck the police. You can buy your way out of it. Anyway, poor guys. Eat lobster, caviar, foie gras. It's great. Have great sex with a beautiful wife. Live your richest fantasies. Imagine if we could changew our societies views on some of these things. Imagine men not being scared of feminism, and women not being scared of misogynism. This could be a much greater world. Be charitable. If you're sitting on millions of dollars, donate some money to something you believe in-whether it be boy scouts, or baseball tickets. Just spend your money. This would be a great vacation for people. If you don't know anything about a trade, but love it-go take a class, or dream it up through a sensorium. We'll eventually be able to figure this stuff out and build a sensorium. Generation Y!!! I call together you all to change the world. Generation X attempted to, but eventually failed and confmormed. Generation Y! It's time to enter a new philosoiphy on life, and the world. To accept who we are, and live it to the fullest. Internal; beliefe and action. We can do this! Do it!!
    Danzig playing…or actually misfits. They're rocking out in a garage, and I am watching and feeling connected. Weith them. They're finishing. It fades
    Bored… waiting
    Rock the Casba. I am back in the 80's. They look like duran durab. I ma standing at them in front of an oil well. With fatboy slim artwork or something-very techno
    Now we are all spinning,
    In a tunnel of lights with man guy doing dance
    Feeling like I am in a action movie with tension building bnetwen me and ragheads-hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Anyway, back at oil well. With banf doing danvce; Now I am entering a temple-like the one in November rain videoi. Slash is playing hahaha
    Anyeway, bust through windowe, jewish people are running all overe the place…but it's a christain church. Now they're gone.
    Now some jet guys are bombing us. I am zooming into myself
    Oh, then they fly off. Not bomb us.
    Now the band is singing again. Music fades
    Bored… waiging for next song
  2. fuck thats too long
  3. Hehe- This came from the last time I was stoned, and I just decided to write everything down that I was thinking about/feeling. What I posted earlier was an excerpt from that writing. As you can see-My mind was all over.

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